Buttocks dream week.

Exercise number 1

Spread the mat, lying on his left side, one hand rests his elbow on the floor, the other is in your belt. Make ten high lift left foot. Roll over on the other side and make similar upgrades right foot.

Exercise number 2

Now, lying on his back, arms out to the sides, lift the legs up, make sure that the socks were extended to. Then alternate descent toward the floor left and right foot, try to fix the arms to the floor. At the moment one foot is on the other, raise up together.

Do ten repetitions of this exercise. Another is you wish as to tighten the buttocks weekly performing any exercise, smile, enjoy the very process of training!

Exercise number 3

Stay in the supine position, legs bent at the knees, feet firmly rest on the floor. Make reliance on hands slowly lift your buttocks up. To exercise was as effective as possible, making sure your back is straight, it does not bend. Also make ten repetitions.

Exercise number 4

Good advice from ko6e4ka.ru, how to tighten the buttocks for a week with the help of simple exercises that you can do throughout the day, at any time, wherever you are. Who'll understand: tighten your buttock muscles, paused for a moment, then relax. Do as many repetitions as you can. The main rule - a regularity!

Exercise number 5

Who will squat back straight, arms outstretched - squat. First make a small amount of sit-ups, with each subsequent occupation increase the number of repetitions.

If you follow these simple in technique, but it requires patience, concentration, exercise can give you the desired result, you are satisfied! Now you know how to tighten the buttocks for a week! Believe in yourself and go for your dream!


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