Ass in this life

Thai belief - Ass happened.
 Confucianism - Confucius teaches, "Cluchilas ass."
 Buddhism - If there was a ass - it really is not an ass.
 Hedonism - No nothing better well be assholes.
 Hinduism - This asshole has happened before.
 Mormons - This ass is still going to happen.
 Stoicism - This asshole to me the only benefit.
 Islam - If an ass happened - hence, the fact is the will of Allah.
 Catholic - Ass has happened because you were bad.
 Calvinism - Ass has happened from what we have not worked hard.
 Protestanstvo- let this ass happen to someone else.
 Judaism - and why this happens only asshole with us?
 Ppavoslavie - Ass happened? Well and figs with her
 Hare Krishna - Ass happened. Rama-Rama.
 Atheism - Ooh, zh-Ass!
 Existentialism - What an ass, in essence?
 Rastafarianism - Let zabem jamb from this asshole!
 Subjective solipsism - Ass - that's me!
 Objective solipsism - Ass - it's you!
 Haynlaynizm - We all - ass!
 Pessimism - Permanent Ass! It was, is and will be.
 Fpeydizm - Ass has happened in the Early childhood.
 Nietzsche - Ass has happened has made me stronger.
 Jung - What happened Ass is EXPRESSION aphetipa Great Matepi.
 Carnegie - to me this is already happening ass.
 alt Carnegie - There was an asshole? Smile at her.
 Bepn - This asshole has happened with my grandmother.
 Gestalt approach - And what do I care about this asshole.
 Mitka - What are you, asshole happened dupilka kaptonnaya you?
 Metalworkers - How ugapno had this Freaky Ass!
 Gopnik - Right now, someone close up the ass!
 Win «dizm - Ass has happened and you will be with her pabotat
 NT »izm - What happened? Close all. Yeah, asshole happened.
 MAC «izm - Where's ass? What do you know assholes? !!!
 UNIX »izm - It's not an ass, and patched mikpoyadpo.
 Z-80 «izm - Beeeep..Sshhhh..Beeep..Shhh..Pshhh ... Tape loading error.
 Physics - Ass happened? Everything is relative

Designers - And I'll still draw ass ...
 Admins - Reality - Ass.
 User - the virtual reality is an ass.
 Director has Ass (no comments)
 Geographic -A show me on the map Ass ... (Here izvraschenttsy? Yes?)
 Historians - First ass was born in the cradle of life between the Tigris and the Euphrates ...
 Tantrums - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! Ass !!!
 Idiots - A de ass?
 Fag - Ass.
 Assembly - I'll Wait ass screwed to the wall ...
 Policeman - see. Director
 Prostitute - Fuck expensive.
 Doctors - And let's us you'll cut your ass ?!
 Economists - ... you know it? What they brought our economy?
 DrWeb -Your infected Jopoy !!!
 Well, kind of ...)



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