Buddhism: If there was a ass - it really is not an ass.

Hedonism: There is nothing better well be assholes.

Hinduism: This asshole has happened before.

Mormons: This asshole still happen.

Stoicism: This asshole to me the only benefit.

Islam: If an ass happened - hence, the fact is the will of Allah.

Catholicism: Ass happened because you were bad.

Calvinism: Ass happened on that we have not worked hard.

Protestantism: Let the ass happen to someone else.

Judaism: Why the ass only happens with us?

Orthodoxy: Ass happened? Oh, and figs with it ...

Hare Krishna: Ass happened. Rama-Rama.

Atheism: Ooh, Well-ass!

Existentialism: What an ass, in essence?

Rastafarianism: Let's get out of this school zabem assholes!

Subjective solipsism: Ass - that's me!

Objective solipsism: Zhopa- is you!

Haynlaynizm: We all - ass!

Pessimism: Permanent Ass! It was, is and will be.

Freudianism: Ass happened in early childhood.

Carnegie: With me this asshole is already happening.

Physics: Ass happened? Everything is relative


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