The magic of voodoo and its basic types

This post will tell you that this "voodoo", because in reality, Voodoo is different from the "magic" that is shown in Hollywood movies. Look.

Three different types of

In fact, there are three main types of voodoo, each developed in their field and in certain regions of Africa.
West African voodoo magic is still practiced by some 30 million people, especially in countries such as Ghana and Benin. Here rituals and beliefs are numerous and almost touched the outside influence of other religions.

Louisiana Voodoo - a unique cult that is practiced mainly in Louisiana and southeastern United States. Religion Voodoo, brought to the New World by black slaves from West Africa, has undergone dramatic changes under the influence of Spanish and French settlers and Creole population.
Type of Haitian voodoo practiced in Haiti, has undergone significant changes under the influence of the French and Christianity.

Strong parallels with Christianity

At first glance it seems that religion, which revolves around the perfume potions and ancestor worship, has little to do with Christianity. However, there are voodoo explicit parallel with this world religion.
In the case of Louisiana and Haitian voodoo, this flexible system of beliefs included many Christian traditions. At the heart of the practice of voodoo spirits are, and many of the central figures in this pantheon are Christian counterparts.
So Aida Webo - a pristine image of Mary, while Papa Legba - the mirror image of St. Peter. In the West African voodoo there is a very Christian concept, such as the one Supreme God - ruling everything in the world.

Adoption of the Catholic Church

In fact, the parallels between voodoo and Christianity are so strong that there is no hostility between the two religions, and in many areas they coexist peacefully. Today the priests of both religions are working together to help bring peace and prosperity to Africa, the home of voodoo.
In fact, Pope John Paul II, spoke of the high esteem with which he refers to the practice of voodoo priests, recognizing the "fundamental virtue" inherent teachings and beliefs of voodoo. John Paul II even attended a voodoo ceremony in 1993, helping the bonding kindest coexistence of these two seemingly opposing religions.

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls is actually much more complex than usually depicted in Hollywood films. They do not represent the people in the sense that what is going on with a doll, will happen to man. The doll is only associated with a particular person, as a rule, when attached to her photo of a person, or some of his intimate things, like strands of hair.
Voodoo Dolls can be used for many different purposes, including for good. Using voodoo dolls in itself is not evil or dark matter, but, like many secular and religious symbols, dolls may become an instrument of evil only by the will of the person who uses them.


There is a stereotype that voodoo - the religion of the dark, which was created to help with the dark forces to control people and bring damage to the spirit and the body. But in reality, voodoo is much more used for healing and herbal medicine. One of the most important reasons for calling the Spirit in voodoo rituals, is an attempt to ask for his help in the healing of the sick and wounded.

Healing can be both physical and spiritual. Therefore, experts can focus on healing a broken heart or a change in luck for the better.
Voodoo priests and priestesses really admit that they are not omnipotent. When it comes to diagnosis and treatment, if they deem a situation beyond their control, they will be encouraged to seek the assistance of modern medicine.

Red magic

In many cultures, it is believed that white magic is used to heal and do evil black and dark matter. According to voodoo, there is no difference between white and black magic party. Thus, when the magic used for evil or bad things, it's called Red magic. Color Ghost - red, and when a man allows evil «loa» to seize them, his eyes turn red, showing the presence of evil.

Pantheon voodoo

Finding a striking resemblance to Christianity, voodoo pantheon of spirits has three main levels. At the top is the one God, who is now inconceivable for a man so that it is impossible to describe. The next level - a perfume that constantly interact with mortals. Personality of the deceased family member plays an important role in the spiritual life of the adherents of voodoo, so the worship of ancestors - is an important part of voodoo. The third level of the Pantheon voodoo - it's own death.

One of the fundamental concepts of Voodoo is the relationship between these levels: Papa Legba is one of the most important «loa» (spirits), it is a kind of gatekeeper between the mortal world and the divine world. All death by binding to loa, pass through Legba, and it opens the gates between worlds. As a reflection of St Peter's, it is also the custodian of the house, and the patron saint of travelers.


Often you can see the followers of voodoo dances with snakes. The snake is an extremely important element in the mythology voodoo. Damballah or Danballa - a snake-God and the oldest of the Pantheon voodoo. It is said that he was called upon to create the world. Damballah created water from their skin, a star appeared in the sky of its rings. He is married to Aida Webo, and they feed each other eternal love, which is a balance between the masculine and the feminine.

Damballah symbolizes wisdom and intelligence, and is associated with symbols such as white, eggs, bone, ivory. Defender of the helpless and young children, and people with disabilities, it carries the souls of the dead to the afterlife. The priests and priestesses spirit possession Damballa not say, instead, they hiss.

Animal sacrifice

Animal sacrifice has always played an important role in voodoo rituals, but the reason is not in a morbid fascination with death and blood. The spirits (Loa) use the energy of the blood to communicate with mortals, along with the general management of their daily business. Voodoo priests believe that the blood of the victim combines vitality animal vitality loa.

Meat and animal blood is often prepared and consumed as part of the ceremony. The sacrifice of certain spirits, more often, bring those animals who are with them are most associated: for example, chickens often offered Damballah, spirit-snake.



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