Ah, what a woman!..

Once I had to stay with the guys at work. Well, you know - Friday, wages, white nights, the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.
Well, a little tipsy, not without it. In short - it can not be behind the wheel. I decide to go to the underground from the old village - at the same time guarding one of the objects near the subway check.
To know - who is the father and not much to relax over the weekend. And time is 23.45 and marshrutochki not go.
Conclusion - catch a wheelbarrow. I am standing on the sidelines, waiting outstretched hand and the next fish is. Towards flies rustling tires, blinking headlights, tinted black 525-th BMW.
 Well - it is certainly not my client. Beha brakes at a traffic light. Behind the flying red, pretty bedraggled VAZ-2106. And this is my version.
Surely I throw the right hand side by voting. Strange affair. VAZ-2106 did not respond to me, and at the same time making sure skid skid, with all his might hit starboard aft BMW.
 Beat in different directions fly spray glass, BMW automatically opens the trunk and inflates the airbag.
 The driver opens the door, and there netoropyas, full of dignity, stately crawls uncle in a light suit.
 Suffice intelligent species in appearance - a cross between Mike Tyson and Godzilla. Sent to the door of the driver of VAZ-2106. Are interested, forward to continuing home I have absolutely no hurry.
I am waiting for the massacre of dedulki-motorist or continuing stories about breeding rabbits. And I - wait !!!
VAZ-2106 door swings open and out nervously jumps slim, perfectly charming tiny creature 25 years and high heels, blue-eyed, with very long blond hair wave.
 In short - Napoleon Bonaparte on Arcole Bridge. Fellow instantly skukozhivaetsya, its growth with a 2-meter instantly reduced to a meter with a cap, confident look changed to look shifty little eyes to, he quickly turns around and rushes to trot fractional BMW, trying to hide in the cabin of foreign cars.
 Not a bit of it! Confident sweeps leg wrapped in beige shoe and face Godzilla comes in gentle contact with the asphalt roadway Avenue. Tyson raised four bones, but skillful with his left foot in the ass again throws him against the ground.
 Godzilla takes a fetal position, as usual rolling from side to side, trying to put the blocks lying hail master stroke. All this happens without yelling, screaming, tantrums and hassle.
 In short - a simple Russian woman takes everyday, everyday, hard share of housewives. In a word - not an American Hollywood thriller.
 BMW's door swings open right front passenger jumps out soplyuha 16-18 years and shustrenko flees the gate guards of our construction project. Fifteen seconds later, out a piercing scream, the girl jumps out and without reducing the level of decibels, is carried away in the direction of Bogatyr Avenue.
 Behind her slowly, rubber slippers, nylon shorts Adidas, scratching thickly overgrown with chest out a night watchman - Armenian Baghdasar.
 Uh-uh, Ara - daragoy, Slyushay why so giromko krychysh, esly himself Uh-uh, at night in the building to myne pyrischel?
 For this second Godzilla reduced time to jump into the BMW and a crank wheel shame to leave the battlefield.
 The blonde looks around the neighborhood, her eyes stopped on me. Instinctively I hide behind (who knows why?).
 You vote for? Do you where to go? By the specific? - Go!
 Well ... We drive in silence, smoke. Literally violently stabbed me his business card. And I lost it in a day. That's because a fool, right ???


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