Cookies "Nuts" with condensed milk


1. Eggs break into a bowl, add the sugar and whisk lightly.
2. In the egg mass add softened butter, then mayonnaise and mix.
3. soda to extinguish vinegar, pour in the batter and mix well.
4. Flour connect with starch and sift.
5. Gradually vsyp flour and starch, knead homogeneous, plastic (not cool) dough.
6. Remove the dough in the fridge for ~ 40-60 minutes.
7. Before you start baking ovensWaffle (special baking nuts) good warm up at the plate with two sides.
8. Lubricate ovensWaffle vegetable oil using a brush or confectionery cotton swab.

* For the next batch of nuts lubricated form is not necessary.

9. From the test pinch off small balls and lay them in the holes ovensWaffle.
10. Close the form, with a force pressing the cover, the first few seconds.
11. Bake the nuts until browning (shape during baking once to turn).
12. Ready-half nuts to pass on to a dish and cut the excess dough (keep the pruning).
13. Prepare the condensed milk.
14. Closing of Bank of condensed milk, without labels (not expired), put in a pot and cover with water (the bank must be completely covered with water).
15. Cook condensed milk, at low boil, ~ 3-3, 5:00.
16. As the water evaporates - a little top up to the bank was completely covered with water during the entire cooking.

* In a pressure cooker - the process is greatly accelerated and condensed milk will be ready in 45-60 minutes.
The longer the cooking condensed milk, the thicker it will become, and will acquire a dark brown color.

17. condensed milk carefully remove from water and cool.
18. condensed milk can be mixed with chopped nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) and scraps of dough nuts.
19 Preparation of condensed milk to fill half nuts and put them together in pairs.


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