Unhappy fun. We are less

Ukraine is dying. And like not much of a secret, and yet some of the facts becomes, to put it mildly, not myself. When not simply becoming less and less people in any town or village, and when the village is simply cease to exist. Well, that is it is physically - is present on the map (so far, anyway) there is in him the house and other buildings. And the people in it no more.
In the Kharkiv region this village was fun. At the next session of the Kharkiv Regional Council was expelled from the credential. As residents in it no more. Not only have the residents. No one (yet) does not apply for a house in the village - according Velikoburlutskogo Bureau of Technical Inventory, which geographically belongs merry, it is not registered property rights for a single house. That is, you understand. Wishes, if any exist, can go and privatized. Here are just a doubtful this turn of events. In the Kharkiv region this is not the first case of the disappearance of the village. Four years ago, the same fate befell the village Popelnya all in the same district.
In general, the pace and tailor a census carried out no longer need. Just on the appointed day for the rest of the people will gather at some area, build, "in order to calculate the numbers" - and the whole business somehow. And do not think that this would require very large area.
Meanwhile, Mr. Prime continues to radiate optimism. "Everyone in the country is normal," Well, the concept of "normal" - a thing quite extensible


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