How to break the family

Refundable warm at night home after a hard shift. Time - about three, the most dull and unhappy. Half a block to the house there are three figures with regards to standard smoke-call. A person generally sickly and distribute phones are not familiar. Here are other things to hand - it please. But at first not in his favor battle evolved. Three still. Maybe they would have put it, yes there armaturinami turned up under the arm. Well, he, without hesitation, slapped it on the nearest Face. The mark on the forehead, nose collapsed, lips smyatku. The other two under the white handles of the victim was picked up and even disappeared in the darkness of night. A soldier stood for a moment, pooglyadyvalsya. Sees in the house next to someone smoking on the balcony. Asks: "Did you see how it was? If suddenly something - Confirm? ". Answered him, "Yes, no problem." Night Warrior balcony remembered and stomped spatki.

A day chereztri cops called, began to ask questions. Claim "victim" show. Well, he said it so calmly, where you can shove this paper. Because he has a witness. Go to the specified location. Finding your way around the balcony, apartment calculated. Rise up call. The door opens muzhichek, like all the way through. Fighter resembles a three-day-old master of the situation. And the owner is still half a minute looking at the visitors, and then turns to his wife and - bang her right in the head! He then turns out to be was on a business trip. Classics of the genre ...
PS. And then through the night smoker wife still struck. He confirmed everything.


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