8 things that every woman should remember to remain attractive and happy:

1.You beautiful.
Every woman deserves to shine in this world. Do not let anything and anyone to doubt that you are beautiful, because you are unique and singular.

2.You strong.
Life sometimes seems too complicated and difficult? But no matter what obstacles stand in your way you will always have the strength to overcome them. We must remember that our strength lies in the perseverance and determination, the ability to overcome obstacles and learn from past experience. Be strong, like a fire that destroys everything in its path, and as the water that finds a way around any obstacles.

3.You unique.
Sometimes each of us feels the need, to be someone else in order to adapt to the world around them. And then we come up with an image for themselves, which, in our opinion, will love and appreciate others and begin to play a role. But no matter how much we in the "included" in this role, no matter how much effort we put into it, to be "different", we will never be good enough. Because to be truly happy is possible only when we are "real" when we throw our way invented and become themselves. Just stop living by someone else's standards, we can "shine" in the world.

4. You deserve love.
We spend too much time in our lives, to ensure that enjoy the people around us. We all want to be loved and respected. But many people forget that the key to loving others is in ourselves. The first thing to fall in love and start to value yourself and if people do to reach out to you.

5. You rich.
The real wealth comes to us from the inside. Of course, money is important, but more importantly - where you spend it. If money is the only goal in your life, you'll never feel rich, even if you become a millionaire. Think of the money not as a means of existence, as well as the main source of happiness and joy in your life. As a source of new opportunities and self-development in all areas of your life.

6. You sensitive.
In order to gain a woman's happiness need not afraid to show his weakness to your man, every time when you need support and care. Women's strength lies in being delicate as a flower next to her loved ones. The only way you can multiply your love.

7. You purposeful.
To live a full, colorful life means to be strong and courageous in the way of your dreams and desires, not to indulge their weaknesses. Every day we are faced with a choice to take a step towards our cherished dreams or stand still. In order not to compromise with yourself and do not back down, we need to be motivated and persistent. These qualities will help you make the right choices in the direction of your new happy life - the life of which you dream.

8. You perfect.
Remember that you are perfect as long as you let your inner light shine and illuminate the people around you.


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