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Recently seized by a curiosity - and who is the most prolific writer of all time.
Along the way came across all sorts of books and records (by the way, block the achievement of a major bestseller - the Bible, is unlikely in the foreseeable future. There according to different sources in the world with only 1815 to the present time has sold two and a half to four and a half billion copies). Second place (Guinness World Records - 85 million copies) is not just significantly behind. We can say that in general it is against this background it is not visible. Others - even further.
But it is, so to speak, in passing. But as the author? Honestly, I thought, would someone like Daria Series. That's really who just awesome fertility. These ladies rivet "novels" as a well-oiled conveyor. And that - as in the morning I thought - recorded the evening. Almost like a bard. Just does not sing. Thank God.
Turned out to be the same - they all change on the background of titanium. There is such a Phil Parker, a US citizen. So this person is the author of more than a hundred thousand books. Do not believe it? Yup. Just keep up to date stamps Phil. He patented the program. Thanks to her, can stamp book. Any. Including the order. Circulation of small - mostly 10-20 copies bestsellers - several hundred, but Parker happy. And why not? On the one book catalog goes up to 20 minutes of computer time. Creating a book is worth it 25-30 cents. And they are sold on Amazon from 15 to 30 dollars. Indeed conveyor. There are, however, even those masterpieces. For example:
"Webster's English dictionary for solving a crossword Romanian. The second level "or
"Prospects Survey washable mats and rugs for bathrooms in size from six to ten feet in 2007-2012 in India", etc.
But a stream. By the way, if you want to change the subject, really because without bread Dontsovu leave. Sorry grandma.


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