Which requires beauty

Plastic surgery is real taxis in the modern world. Well, that is. Demand for surgeons and the whole is not in doubt. But there are still questions of a different order are solved. Life-death. Invalid - a healthy person.
And here ... No, I understand that a sufficient number of people feels handicapped if they lips slightly less horsepower or profile does not fit into conventional stencil. But this is a matter of subjective perception. God is with them.
Someone is going on. Removes ribs. Or little fingers on the toes. It is generally like the latest trends. To understand minded, shoe heels much better fits the foot if it is not on the little finger. In principle, all in line with the previous manipulation body is a normal course. Indeed, if there is in the body completely unnecessary edges, then why not simplify this very body has two non-essential units. All logical.
I think the future of this branch of medicine lies at the junction with the neurosurgeon. Just about this yet few people realize. As the next step to eliminate the disturbing parts of the body is to remove disturbing parts of the brain. As the best option - the removal of all that is not directly responsible for eat-sleep and other important unconditioned reflexes. Perhaps it would be most appropriate to deal with issues.


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