Thief-sweet tooth

Probably very frustrating and disappointing when you have something to steal. Even sadder if snitch practically all savings. And if it also made their own child?
In the town of Konotop Sumy region nine-year boy in a week autumn vacation he stole from the family store more than three thousand five hundred dollars and euros. Total - about thirty thousand hryvnia. When the father of the family decided to do an audit of the cash he found in the cache pitiful remnants. Culprit calculated fairly quickly (I do not know how). Buddy admitted that they say, yes, it's me, your son gave to laugh. I said, really too much like sweet, that's not sustained. Well, there for committing exchange operations gave the percentage of adult friend, but friends, comrades treated. No one is to impose the full amount - and stick together long. In general, the wider the soul little boy. By the way, parents are smart enough to come to the police station, where, in fact, the leak of information occurred. Clearly, there is, besides educational conversation with a young Kinder offer have not been able (and what else then? Return funds? Plant?) In fact, in fact, the incident was exhausted (do not know why there is still home dovesili the conversation)
I am here only very curious arithmetic. Net of interest for sharing kid "treated sweetly" about 4,000 hryvnia per day. Well this is what his friends?
Gender-Konotop, or what? And maybe not just sweet eat?


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