As my friend "nice" robbed

One day my friend Tanya broke the phone. Now she's a bit, but decided to sell it. She did it, added a little yeah bought some supported by phone hands on the market. So at first glance the phone seemed new, but with the "iron" not everything was in order. Like Tanya with him two weeks, and the phone died happily.

She went to deal with the dishonest sellers in the market by spinning the phone in his hand. And then out of the gate she flew some small Gopnik and snatched the phone out of my hand. A friend ran after him, turned the corner and saw a marvelous picture: Gopnik overpowered by the police. It appeared, when the thief turned the corner, then flew into the police, and the phone in fright dropped on the pavement and he crashed.

Police said the girl, whether she will write a statement. She replied that if the thief buys her a new phone, mad at him she will not keep. Gopnik joy almost hugging to her rushed, and then together with her and the police went to the nearest electronics store, where I bought Tanya a new a good number.



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