On the problems and not just Biryulyovo

One of the residents Biryulyovo sent to our editorial address text describing his vision problems of the district, which led to pogroms on Sunday. We publish material of indigenous biryulevtsa as he, in our view, helps to understand the hidden mechanics broke out yesterday conflict. The author has asked to publish it anonymously text:

Yesterday the first all Moscow, and then the whole of Russia, and behind them, and the whole world knew about my native region Biryulyovo. Many people are surprised the situation where so much anger and hatred?
The answer to this question, I will try to sort through.

Let's start from the beginning.

District Biryulyovo-West originally settled by the usual hard workers - workers ZIL plant and other enterprises. In addition, the area is partially occupied "limit" - people from provincial towns, attracted by Moscow as laborers on large industrial enterprises. The area is isolated from the rest of Moscow's Paveletskaya railway tracks and the Kursk railway station. There are only 2 out of the area: in the Moscow and Warsaw highway. Recently we opened the third exit - across the street Podolsk cadets. Ideal for the organization of the ghetto.

The dashing 90-s in the industrial area located in close proximity to Biryulyovo, began to turn around the business - opened Basil's fruit and vegetable market and the base. As you know, the market and the base next to the residential area - it is a source of increased concentration of different kinds of riffraff. And since we are engaged in trade in Caucasians, the rabble and the Caucasus too.

In those days, the Caucasians who work in these markets and the database, or have lived in the same place where they sell, or rented apartments in nearby homes to the market in Biryulyovo.

After the collapse of ZIL and other large enterprises, employing the vast majority of local left with nothing, as nothing but the state of the machine, just do not know how. Someone redeveloped, found a job. Someone broke down and took to drink. Someone knocked out of the area. Some stayed and was interrupted as he can. Slowly apartments released, the number handed over apartments grew, but since the area is far from the most prestigious and comfortable accommodation, the tenants from among Russian was impossible to find. Therefore, someone has to take the apartment Caucasians, someone handed by the agency and did not even know that instead of Russian in their apartment now live Caucasians. And with the number of Caucasians in the area has been actively growing crime. First, a little bit - robberies, robberies. Then showdown thrown into the windows of the debtors, local slaughtered night, shooting and stabbing each day, etc.

Due to the danger of local grown increasingly began to blame. And now, full circle - more Caucasians, higher crime, less local, more than Caucasians, etc. But the blame does not have the opportunity to all. The poorest and most persistent left.

Naturally, all the locals associated with the presence of backyard Pokrovsky market and horticultural base. And actively sought the closure of the add and move from the area, and even better with all the territory of Moscow.

The zero market, which has become the epicenter of a criminality, was closed. At the time, local residents breathed a sigh of relief. But according to the law of communicating vessels, somewhere departed somewhere arrived. All the riff-raff of the market moved to the base, and there was the activity of the fetus.

Local residents again began to knock the authorities, they say, remove the cloaca. And all these years, they simply sent.

Add to this the fact that at that time the chief of the local police department was Azeri, which krysheval entire business in the area.

A tense situation in the meantime, I can assure you that take absolutely any resident Biryuleva, he will tell at least a few stories about themselves, their relatives or acquaintances, they have suffered from these Caucasians: rape, robbery, beatings, killings. And the share of the local police uncovered cases negligible. At least to me or someone from my friends do not know of a single case of disclosure of crimes against them or their family / friends. About molestation usual I did not even say, faced with this every woman, and especially a girl in the area.

Personally myself I can say the following: My friend, who was then 12 years old, was raped by Hach, my friend beat the bats and robbed hachi, my neighbor of 85 years, knocked down and stole the bag hachi, and the cops who came to call, also stolen from Passport grandma money left there.

I would like to underline that in the late 90's we, after the rape of my 12-year-old girlfriend Caucasians after police inaction themselves (14-16 Summer boys) were collected by the group to find this monster. Group of young people in vicious 150 dug on the streets - it's dangerous. Probably because the cops thought and Caucasians. Therefore, most of us have tied the cops, and the remainder was beaten with iron rods Caucasians.

This lawlessness and lack of protection from the law enforcement agencies, local swallowed, choked, but swallowed. And all this anger at the cops and Caucasians deeply embedded within the local residents, like a coiled spring.

Over the years, the number of Caucasians, and now the Tajiks, grew, grew, and now to be found on the Russian region, it is necessary to work hard. It is not an exaggeration, go to Yandex Panorama, see panorama of the area. A better when everything calms down, go see for yourself.

Russian or piled, or sit on the burrows because the street is simply dangerous.

All this anger and hatred of the corrupt cops and Caucasians kopilas not even a year, not five, but for decades. Local openly hates Caucasians and cops. The authorities themselves have provoked it. As its policy of tolerance, and their venality. The main thing - business. And people - consumables.

The recent murder of a flat the spring. People explode. People have suffered all my life from this base and now blame all sins just her. I know that the database as such is not to blame. But the people I understand.

In fairness, we want to say that looting, murder and rape occur in Biryulyovo every day, but now to the cops for help simply do not apply, since it makes no sense at all. They Biryulyovo not to protect the local people sit, but to protect their business. And they conducted business with Caucasians.

Why is the case of Yegor Shcherbakov provoked a riot? He's just got a lot of publicity. And if about daily crime knows only a narrow circle of people, then this case found the whole area, and remembered all their problems, all their grievances.

All what they want local - is to remove the vegetable cloaca away from them. Let them sell what they want back in the suburbs, in the open field, away from people. Because it is not men, but beasts. And animals live together with people do not know how.
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