Exemplary punishment

Cavalier behavior of many vehicle owners (at least in Kiev) has long been a byword. And parks where people no hitting, and on sidewalks ezdtyat so many things. Activists fight such patterns are large enough glue posters on windshields, comes to collisions with the owners of cars (or rather, often with the owner. Men somehow more adequately respond to a request pereparkovatsya) Police openly declares that he could not fight this road rudeness because in most cases this car people who are fine, it is useless to write. Otmazhutsya.
Alternatively struggle - an interesting precedent of the American justice system. In Cleveland (Ohio) some Shen Hardin (Shena Hardin) did not want to wait for the bus with the students drive off from a stop and famously toured it on the sidewalk, not sparing with the lawns and ornamental plants. All of this maneuver was recorded in detail by the registrar of the bus itself. In view of the irrefutable evidence the court ruled fast. And extraordinary. Well, there's a fine in the amount of two hundred and fifty dollars - it is. But the decision to oblige Chenois for two days to stand for an hour next to the stop, holding a sign "Only an idiot can go around the school bus on the sidewalk" - it is something. Just ready to kiss the judge.
And if the decision could be applied to us! Ooooh! How to Kiev fellows would stand!


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