And he rose from the grave the other person

Since the late Soviet Union in our lives began to break and squeeze hitherto exotic therapies. Well, conventional therapy and its representative - local therapist were a common attribute of that life. But people wanted a miracle here, now, and, if possible, for all. Demand creates supply. Appeared Kashpirovskiy, Chumak and weight of their followers. It is clear. Time of Troubles - muddy people. The number of individuals with mysterious consoles on business cards - from simple to master healers inspiring reverence Sciences increases at a rate significantly faster rates of economic growth. It is understandable - there is still something tangible needs to produce. Here - just dilute Lohan. No, not at all a stone throw. Freed himself from stones in the past, it was the healer, give her the God of health. When conventional medicine said, "Hmm. Let's cut ". But it is - an exception.
And the appearance of the regular frills on this part pretty fun, but no more. I thought so. However, the know-how of the owner of the ritual offices Truskavetc just blew my idea about creative in any field of activity. Dude suggested that his method - groboterapiyu, as a kind of psychological therapy. Quite simply, using available props. Do you want to think seriously about the meaning of life - no problem. Pay 25 green 15 minutes of the buzz, choose a coffin to taste - and put a thought to think. Coffins are cozy, with lace and silk cushions, all of feng shui.
I would like to make some suggestions as options in order to diversify the service. It is possible, for example, to close (and even nail up) request on the cover. Or, for example, inviting relatives and friends. So that they could have the last word. What's interesting though. When still hear the truth about themselves.


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