How to get out of the coffin if you were buried alive

Today Site shows you how to survive if you were buried alive in a coffin. < 1. Firstly, do not panic! Seriously, panic can significantly reduce the time allotted in order to survive. In a state of panic you use oxygen more actively. Typically, you can live in a coffin for one or two hours - provided that you do not panic. If you know how to meditate - Do it immediately. < Try both, it will help to think more clearly, relax better.

2. Check whether you have a chance to call. These days, people often buried with cell phones, tablets, or other means of communication. If in your case this is the case, try to contact relatives or friends. Once you do this, relax and meditate, to save oxygen.

< 3. No cell phone? Ok ... Given that you are still alive in a coffin with a limited air supply, you were buried recently. So the land should be soft enough.

4. Now lift the shirt over his head, almost removing it out, but not until the end. Tie the top of the shirt to get a bag that contains your head. It will protect against dust inhalation.

< 5. If your coffin has not been damaged by the action of earth gravity, use your feet to make a hole in the coffin. The best place for this is the middle of the lid.

6. Once you have successfully hacked the coffin, using hands and feet into the hole, push the incoming ground to the edges of the coffin. Fill in the coffin of the earth as much as possible, tamping it, so as not to lose the ability to stick with his head and shoulders into the hole.

7. After you stamped inside the coffin as much land as they could, using all his strength to stand up straight. You may need to make a break in the cover longer, but it will not be difficult in the case of a cheap coffin.

< 8. After the head is on the surface and you will be able to breathe freely, do not hesitate to give yourself a little popanikovat even yell if you need to. If no one came to your aid, pull itself out of the ground, writhing like a worm.

9. If your relatives are not misers and buried you in a coffin made of stainless steel, the best thing to do in this case, - to try to remove the loud noises from the tomb, by clicking on the cover at the point of attachment or knocking on a coffin belt buckle or something similar. Perhaps someone is still standing near the grave

10 Please note, lit match or lighter, if you have -.. Bad idea Open fire very quickly destroy the entire stock of oxygen.



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