Stories by Edgar Allan Poe

Exactly 205 years ago was born the very "dark" representative of the American Romantic writer Edgar Allan Poe. Every year on this day, at his grave in Baltimore gather crowds to watch the strange ritual, performed secret admirer of the writer: dressed in all black figure with a cane decorated with black knob, there is a graveyard, toast and leaves, leaving three red rose and an opened bottle of cognac "Hennessy". This tradition underlines the mystery and creative way of life of Edgar Allan Poe, which was reflected in almost all of his literary work.

Premature burial
The main part of the story is preceded by several smaller stories of cases where people were buried alive, finding them dead, but they were in a deep unconsciousness, coma or stupor. One of them tells the story of a woman who is ill doctors unsolved illness soon died. At least, that's all decided, as in three days her body stiffened and became even decompose. The woman was buried in the family vault, and three years later her husband found her skeleton. That's just it was not in the coffin and stood right next to the entrance.
The hero of the story is ill catalepsy, when a state of deep lethargy can last from a couple of days to several weeks. His haunted by fear of being buried alive. Once, during one of the trance, the hero overcomes a terrible vision: to him is a demon, raises his bed, reveals to him the grave and shows anguish buried alive. Impressed by what he saw their terror, the narrator decides to prepare the family vault in case it is still buried. He stored the food and arranges everything so that the coffin can be easily opened. However, some time later, he wakes up at all in the family vault. He decides that he was buried, and starts to cry. At the cries of resorting men who are sailors: the hero is not buried, he just fell asleep in the boat. After this incident, the narrator decides to dismiss the delusional thoughts of death and live "humanly».

The Murders in the Rue Morgue
One night, the peaceful sleep of inhabitants living in the vicinity of the Rue Morgue, broke the heartbreaking cries. They came out of the house of Madame L'Espane, who lived with her daughter Camilla. When cracked the bedroom door, people are terrified otstupili- furniture was broken, the floor was plastered gray strands of long hair. Later in the chimney found mutilated corpse of Camille, and the body of the Madame L'Espane found in the yard. Her head was cut off with a razor. The mysterious and extremely brutal murder of the widow and her daughter baffled police in Paris. To help the police comes Monsieur Dupin, a man with an unusually developed analytical skills. It focuses on three things: a kind of "non-human" voice of one of the criminals, who heard the witnesses, locked the door from the inside and untouched killers gold deceased. In addition, the criminals had the incredible force, again managed to shove the body into the pipe, and even from the bottom up. Lessons from the clenched hands of Madame L'Espane hairs and fingerprints "fingers" on her neck Dupin convinced that the killer could only be a giant ape. Later it turned out that the killer really turned out to be an escaped orangutan.

The narrator is married to Morellet - Women who are available "forbidden pages" mysticism. As a result of her experiment, she has ensured that her soul never leaves the material world, and continues to exist in the body of his daughter, born before her death. Morella spends time in bed and learns of her husband "black art." From the awareness of the dangers posed by his wife, the narrator is horrified and craves her death and eternal rest. His desire is fulfilled, but the time of death of Morella gives birth to a daughter.
Widower holding daughter under lock and key, no it does not show, does not even give it a name. Daughter and father growing up in fear realizes that she- an exact copy of the mother. However, the daughter he loves as much as he hated his wife. By ten years of the similarities with the girls died Morella becomes unbearable, and signs that it lives and evil, of course. The father decides to baptize it, to banish evil from it. During the ceremony, the priest asks the narrator, what name he wanted to name his daughter, and his lips, against his will, flies name "Morella." Daughter with shouting "I'm here!" Drops dead. Father carries the body of his daughter in the family tomb and finds there remains of her mother.

The devil in the belfry
Quiet and calm town Shkolkofremen. Life here is slow and measured, for a long time routine. The basis of love and pride Burghers make cabbage and watches. And then, five minutes before noon on the horizon of a young stranger, who had enough of these few minutes to break all the foundations of the town and the clock struck twelve instead of thirteen.
And so it began unimaginable "cabbages all turned red, and seemed to be possessed by unclean himself at all, having the form of hours. Hours carved on furniture, danced as if possessed; the clock on the mantelpiece barely restrained rage and did not stop to beat thirteen hours, and the pendulum so jerk and twitch that was terrible to watch. But even worse is that neither cats nor the pigs could no longer put up with the behavior of hours tied to their tails, and expresses its indignation at the fact that methane scrabble around poking snout, screaming and squeal, meow and grunted, threw people in face and climbed under her skirt - in a word, made a most abominable din and confusion, which only can imagine a sane person. And on top of all evil worthless little varmint on the bell tower, apparently, she tried to swing. From time to time you could see the scoundrel through the smoke. He was sitting in a tower on a fallen backward postmaster. In his teeth the villain held the bell rope that pulled, shaking his head. "

The Fall of the House of Usher
Roderick Usher, the last scion of an ancient family, invite other youth to visit him and stay in the family castle on the banks of the dark lake. Lady Medileyn sister Roderick seriously and terminally ill, her days were numbered, and even the arrival of a friend is not able to dispel the sadness of Asher.
After the death of her Medileyn temporary burial place chosen one of the dungeons of the castle. Within a few days, Roderick was in disarray, until the night a storm broke out and it became one horrible circumstances. Narrator for a long time can not sleep because of the fears plaguing him in a dark room and anguish about the sorry state of the other. Suddenly, to his room Asher comes with a lantern in his hand, and the hero says "some mindless fun" in his eyes. To appease the other, he decides to entertain his book Lancelot Canning "Mad sorrow", but the choice is unsuccessful. All the noise, described in the book, the characters hear reality. After another noise, the narrator does not stand up and runs over to a friend who is already unconscious mutters something. From the story of a madman disconnected hero he learns that his friend's sister was still alive when she was buried. Asher noticed as she moved into the tomb, but hidden from all this fact. Suddenly, on the verge of showing Medileyn, she embraces his brother and takes him into the world of the dead.

The Masque of the Red Death
Prince Prospero with a thousand close during the epidemic lies in a closed monastery, leaving his people to fend for themselves. Monastery of all secured and isolated, so they can not be afraid of contagion. Arranged Prince masquerade, so magnificent that its luxury is reflected in everything: in music, masks, beverages and refined decoration of rooms, decorated with precious velvet of different colors. Every time the clock struck, the guest stopped and the music stops. When the cease watch, fun continues again. It happened when the clock struck twelve, but this time, all covered some incomprehensible anxiety. At the ball there was a mask, who had no one noticed, The Masque of the Red Death. All took an unusual guest for the joker. Prince, angered audacity of the stranger, orders to seize him, but no one dares to approach him, while a mysterious mask decisive step is sent to the prince. The governor decided to seize the offender himself and catches him with a dagger. However, when it is right next to a stranger, he drops dead. Everyone understands that this is not a mask, and the Red Death itself, which has come to the ball. One by one, the guests began to die and "reigned unchallenged over all darkness, and death of the Red Death."

One of the most common stories of Edgar Allan Poe, partly based on his own life: a young man Aegeus love with his cousin Berenice, in which case the part of seizures of epilepsy, ending the transition into a trance, almost indistinguishable from death. But the patient is not only beloved, ill himself Aegeus. Mental illness hero calls monomania that makes him a maniacal greed deal in trifles, takes possession of his mind. Once Berenice was beautiful and loved cousin, who is also in love with her only now, when it changed beyond recognition. They - the two mentally ill young people - decide to get married. But on the eve of the wedding happens awful: the maid finds the body of the future wife of the hero. The night after the funeral of a young man is left alone in the library, trying to remember a few hours of his life, if that were erased from the memory. He remembered burying his beloved, he went to the house, but that was after, remained a mystery. Finally, I rushed to him a servant and began to shout about the unprecedented crime: someone dug up the grave of Berenice, which turned out to be alive and mutilated it beyond recognition. A servant brings Aegean to the mirror and was horrified to realize that it was he mutilated his fiancée, his shirt was smeared with blood, and on the table was the box with the white teeth of his bride (the idea that they are flawless pursued madman).



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