5 mysterious people whose identity is not established so far

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Human history is full of white spots. Periodically occur in it the people about whom almost nothing is known. Dozens of years of these stories excite the imagination, debate, put forward hypotheses, but it does not bring us closer to unraveling their mysteries. Site have collected several short stories about people of the twentieth century, who wished to remain incognito.


The photographs, which depicted the murder of American President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy in Dallas November 22, 1963, seen a woman with a camera in hand. Journalists called her the Babushka lady, as she was in a headscarf, tied in the style of Russian grandmothers. Still nobody saw the frames captured by a mysterious stranger. According to the FBI, she was able to capture the murder from an unusual angle, and her testimony could clarify a lot. But the mysterious lady did not appear. None of those present at the scene also could not say who she is.

Taureda of man

In 1954 in Tokyo's airport a man in a business suit caught the attention of the guards, stopped him and began to ask questions. The man answered in French, but was fluent in several languages. His passport was printing from many countries, including Japan. He claimed that he came from the country called Taured, located between France and Spain. The problem was that none of the existing maps in this place was not Toured, who was in Andorra. This fact man greatly saddened. He said that his country had existed for centuries and showed the local law and the checks.

Airport staff left the man in a hotel room with a guard outside the door, and tried to find more information about it. When they returned, it turned out that the man had disappeared. The door did not open, the guards heard no noise in the room and through the window he couldn't have gotten too high. Surprisingly, from the premises of airport security gone, all the things of the passenger.

D. B. Cooper

24 Nov 1971 in Portland to Board the plane to Seattle, up the person who bought the ticket in the name of D. Cooper. In his hand was a black briefcase. After takeoff, "Cooper" gave the stewardess a note. It was reported that the portfolio he has a bomb. From the authorities, he demanded $ 200,000 and 4 parachutes. The pilots gave his demands to the authorities. After landing at the airport in Seattle, all passengers were released, but "Cooper" is made, after which the aircraft took off again. On Board were crew members and the mysterious "Cooper". In the skies over Nevada keeping calm hijacker ordered all personnel to stay on the ground, and he opened the passenger door and jumped out into the night sky, taking the money.

Despite the large number of witnesses who could identify him, the hijacker was never found. Were found only part of the money in the river and tie, which he left on the plane. An official investigation into all the circumstances of the case was suspended, the FBI only in the summer of 2016.

Unknown rebel

One of the main symbols of man's struggle against the system in the XX century — photo taken during the riots in Tiananmen square in June 1989. Unknown rebel for half an hour single-handedly held back a column of tanks. The tank couldn't avoid protesting and stopped. This prompted the character of the scene to climb on the tank and talk to the crew. After a while the protester came down from the tank and continued his stand-up strike, not allowing the tanks to drive forward. It is unknown what became of him, and his identity was never established.

A secret admirer of Edgar Allan PoE

Every year since 1949, on the birthday of Edgar Allan PoE, his grave is visited by an unknown admirer. The mysterious visitor always wears a black coat and hat, his face hidden by a scarf or hood. Each time he leaves at the gravestones 3 red roses and an opened bottle of cognac. It is assumed that the roses symbolize, his wife Virginia and mother-in-law Maria Clemm — they are all buried here. What is the symbolic significance of leaving a bottle of cognac, we can only guess. Sometimes a fan had left a note. Apparently, the founder of the tradition, died in 1998, and since then, in a grave visited by his successor. Nevertheless, several passes of a ritual since 2009, give reason to say that tradition is gone. The names of the fans of the writer remains a mystery.

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