Naked on the internet or hiding under a pseudonym and lose reputation online

For two months I was tormented by the dilemma. Before that, I created akkautny under different nicknames, names ... But after university, participation in projects and "the illuminated" real name on the internet, I began to wonder. We all know that now you or agree with privacy policy and provides access to personal data, are using the service, or waives the right to a service and do not use it at all. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK and all other social networks, as well as a lot of sites monitored, accumulate and sell our data. Using them in areas ranging from advertising, statistics, analysis of flavors, to terrorism, fraud, or identify them.

Purpose: to build your identity on the Internet with maximum benefit and minimum risk to themselves and their loved ones.

It is worth thinking and weigh different options:

1. Open identity h5> Eat real name is used in all sites and, closing his eyes to privacy, avoid paranoia. Yes, most people are now doing so. This option is the easiest and convenient, but not the safest. Yes, you will easily findability on Google. You will have more trust in the forums and in different sites with a social element. You will find your lost classmates and colleagues to recommend you to others, and you will find yourself employers.

But there is another side to the coin. You or your Internet activity can easily find the thieves, fraudsters, spammers, enemies, or power. It is also important to remember that your name is one of a lifetime. And although you can change it, it's not always easy (depending on your place of residence) and not always ethical. You have one chance. Error, and your identity for life attached to her (internet not forgive - that gets there, is unlikely to remove). Games that you've played, failed courses online or low rating on Coursera, Codeacademy or other resources - all will be there. Participation in the dating sites, photo with indecent behavior (yours or those which you mentioned), it all adds to the negative evaluation of your online identity, or simply information that can be used against you.

2. Completely hide the real identity of h5> coined the name, Nick, a nickname. The first thing that is lost is the connection between your name and your internet activity. No classmates, no employers, no one will be able to check on your behalf who you are and what you do. This is both good and bad. Have pumped profile participation in projects or publish software significantly increases the probability of being employed crossed multiple stages of selection, compared with the absence of such a profile, or generally being anyone on the Internet.

You can try to associate your real identity hidden from sending employers a link to your "alter ego" in the summary. But this approach is firstly raises suspicions about you, and secondly, there is the risk that your profile pumped unnecessarily block you did not follow the agreement and the rules of the site. Today the policy of the site allows aliases, but tomorrow it may vary, but this will disappear and the ability to change your name. It may seem unlikely but still have the same risk. Also it is not clear how to participate in various competitions, meetings and rallies. What name to write? Hide or present? The hidden you likely will break the rules of participation in the competition since written in them that need to be identified. And with this you are on the Internet and none of your participation will remain elusive without giving any bonuses to your profile.

It is important to remember, as you carefully conceal not all the same, you and you to send important documents to Gmail and other mailboxes. From large service person can hide only with great difficulty. But our goal is to minimize the risk and not avoid it altogether.

3. Two or more person h5> Here you can buy the desired image, and change the mask keeping clear boundaries and rules. Career opportunities to use one person. For personal files, forums, something not quite legitimate (piracy, politics, immigration) to another. With this approach, it is important not to forget about the border that separates your two personalities. This gives the inconvenience and even sometimes be in doubt - whether in the person I have to post? Or maybe both? Parallel conduct two personalities is not productive and there is a risk of failure of the "camouflage" when the boundaries intersect or someone you expose.

In the end h4> On this subject, there are many articles on various IT resources that describe the risks, dangers, weighed the pros and cons of open or covert identity online. But none of them fully meets the question. After consulting with more experienced people, and with colleagues at work, I was not able to find a solution. Some services are limited, others are hiding under nicknames, and others simply not steamed and give all myself to know. Take, for example, my former teachers, all openly publish all under a real name. And how this issue is resolved employees Google? What do celebrities or just millions of people who openly under his own name publish their photos. In their posts will not be difficult to calculate the contacts, location and create a rough picture of the human condition. You can then use the data loss on any website (HeartBleed ...) or use one of the many ways to steal data, password hacking, intrusion, phishing, etc. (By the way FourSquare possible to trace whether you are at home)

P.S .:
Wanted to ask a question on the toaster but the description was too long ... And what approach you use?

Open identity Completely concealed the real identity Two and a personality td > I do not know, I can not sleep now



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