5 games for the development of logic programming and education of children

I've always been interested in the topic of education, and recently I decided to see what interesting things are in the world of mobile applications for teaching children programming.

On the topic "Why is it necessary?" Habré was good infographics . And here I will give a brief overview of applications that are deemed it worthy of attention.

Principle games, educational programming, is about the same: the player controls a character not in real time, but instead is a series of commands and executes them. During the game, with increasing difficulty are studied basic principles of programming, such as a loop subroutine, branching and others.

So, let's start.

Kodable h4> 633b8c4650.jpg

Platform: iPad
Russian language: No

For kids from 5 years. "Koloboks" you have to drive through the maze to the exit, collecting coins.
For all its simplicity, the game teaches branches, loops, functions, and debugging.

Lightbot h4> c190cdf88c.jpg

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
Russian language: have

- Your task is to program a robot that he walked and repainted all the blue tiles on the game board.
In each level there is a maximum number of commands that you want to keep.

Cargo-Bot h4> 3869a8b00e.jpg < br />

Platform: iPad
Russian language: No

Puzzle game where you have to arrange different colored boxes in the right order. To get more stars - the minimum necessary to meet the teams, and it's a real challenge! Game for older and may well be of interest to adults. At least, I play it with pleasure.

Tynker App h4> b91bdf31e0.jpg

Platform: iPad
Russian language: No

The choice has several characters: dog, astronaut, the dragon and the tortoise. To pass the level you need to compile the program using visual language Tynker (similar to Scratch ).

Hakitzu Elite h4> 9e8ecdb0f8.jpg

Platform: iOS, Android
Russian language: No

For older children. Need to program in the language of combat robots JavaScript, so they destroyed the enemy robots. There is a network mode.

Note: in addition to the games, there is also a visual programming environment for children. Here I do not dwell on them, because they require a special approach. Simply quote reference:

Scratch - perhaps the most famous visual programming environments for children. There is support for Russian language, but do not have a mobile version. Hopscotch - the best quality alternative to Scratch for iPad. Li > ScratchJr - a simplified version of Scratch for children from 5 years for iPad / Android. At the time of writing the application has not yet happened. hope that someone review helpful, and if I missed something - write in the comments. Thank you.

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