How to cope with danger

I advise you to read further information on how you need to do if you are involved in an unexpected dangerous situation. Read.

The case of an attack in the elevator

The worst thing that can be done and that most of the victims do instinctively - a move over to the far wall of the elevator.
It is best to be in the corner near the door next to the elevator control panel. At least, so you have more control over the situation.


The most important thing in this situation - to find shelter. If you can not find it, try to determine the direction of the tornado.
Get out of the car and run in the opposite direction. The tornado can travel at speeds up to 100 km per hour, so you should hurry. If all else fails, go to the ground, cover your head and hold.

Actions in case of fire

As a rule, people do not kill the fire and smoke. It should be as low as possible, because hot gases rise up.
Stay against the wall and go through it until you find out. Whatever you do, try not to inhale the gas. If you feel that you lose consciousness, lay down flat on the floor against a wall. This will help firefighters better find you.

Big Wave

It is best to try to swim the wave until it broke. If this is not possible, it is necessary to extend the arms and legs to distribute the shock and keep themselves from a deep dive into the water. The most deadly place for swimming.
Take a deep breath and wait for the excitement subsides. You will throw from side to side, but try to keep the orientation, and do not panic. Try to return to the surface as quickly as possible, breathe and try to review the situation, as you can hit it again.

Getting lost in the woods: what to do

Use twigs and leaves so you can get back on the distance traveled. Climb up the hill to see if you can navigate. Now move down the slope until you find a river or other body of water moving. Follow the direction of flow, it usually leads to the city and whether the village.
If you do not find, continue straight and guided by the sun.


The first and most obvious - is to try to escape. If this is not possible and there is no hiding place next to, go flat on the ground, his hands behind his head (at least it's better than standing, with his hands above his head). Try to assess the situation and slowly crawled to safety.

Nuclear explosion

In this situation, you can survive if you are out of range of the shock wave. Of course, if there are warning signs you need to find shelter, preferably underground. If you are in the affected area, falls to the ground and cover your head as soon as you see the explosion because it can take up to 30 seconds to shock wave reached you.
Do not look at the flash, it's just you blind. If you have a good cover, it is best to sit there and wait for rescue.


Do not try to overtake her. Avalanche will be faster than you, even if you are skiing. You have a much better chance if you move horizontally from it. If this is not possible, cover your mouth and put your hands in the face to create an air pocket that you need when the snow falls.
Do not try to scream, as it consumes oxygen is desired. Finally, can help (seriously!), It is easier to search dog found you.

You were taken hostage

If you plan to run, you need to do it quickly. An important first few minutes. Around it may be more people, but should be cautious. If the chances are small, can complicate their situation, and in this case it is better to behave according to the rules.
Watch everything that is happening and try to understand why you were kidnapped. Perhaps it will help you to know that the kidnappers planned to do.
While many hostages survive, it may take several years before it will be saved. Whatever happens, do not lose hope and weigh all the risks and benefits of attempted escape.

The car fell into the river

If you accidentally drove into any body of water, you have about 90 seconds before the cabin is completely flood water. Unfortunately, when submerged bottom edge of the door, open it becomes impossible, so you need to open the window and unfasten seatbelts. If you can not open the windows, try to knock their legs.

Cramp in the foot: what to do

Cramp in the water can be very dangerous. The first thing to do - is to roll over and float on his back, so that water does not enter the lungs. Then drag a place where there was a spasm, for example, pulling the foot, or wait until it passes.

Shooting at school and other areas

US research on school shootings have shown that there are four factors that increase your chances of survival. As corny as it may sound, but the first thing to do - is to escape (preferably zigzag).
However, this is not always possible. Second - this is to barricade the door. If you create an obstacle, armed, most likely will not be on it to spend your time. However, if he still decides to get best pretend to be dead. To do this, do not panic and control your breathing. And fourth, if all else fails, use the adrenaline in your goals and try to fight back.

Behavior during a thunderstorm

Try to find a low-lying place and sit down on his haunches. It should be as low as possible, but your body as little as possible to touch the ground.
Now, cover your ears. If you really have appeared in the midst of a thunderstorm, a bolt could damage the eardrum.

Jellyfish stings

Try to quickly get to the coast and spread sand on the remains of jellyfish tentacles.
Hot water - the best means for the treatment of jellyfish stings. Once they are dry, use a subject, such as a credit card, to clean off their one touch. Do not rub this place, as it may lead to further deflation of toxins in the skin.

Falling from a height

No matter how hopeless the situation, there have been cases where people survived. There are several factors that increase your chances.
First, take a "position caved" (known in parachutism term). In fact, the need to stretch as much as possible to create thrust. Secondly, schedule landing avoiding concrete surface (ideally land into the water). You can try to move to the right, for example, lowered his right shoulder and vice versa.
Finally, sit back, bend your knees, feet forward and tried to roll. So, at least, you will increase your chances of a happy ending.


Try to stay on their feet - this is the key to survival. As soon as you get knocked down, your chances are greatly reduced.
In this case, if you can not immediately get up, take a defensive posture, picked up his feet and covering her head with her hands. Point the head in the direction of the crowd, you do not have to hit and try to get back on your feet. In case of fire, it is necessary to remain at the bottom to avoid the smoke and breathe through a damp cloth.

Attack dogs

Stay calm, try not to cry, not to look into the eyes of a dog, do not show fear or anxiety. Making sure your security, it can lose interest in you.
Do not let the dog is behind you. If it starts spinning around you, which is a sign of an impending attack, turn with it.
If you have with some object, such as an umbrella, put it in front of him to appear bigger and better manage their space. In all cases, remember to protect the face, chest and throat. Keep your hands in fists to protect your fingers.

Buried alive in a coffin

It can happen to anyone. Man buried in a coffin, to frighten or to get rid of him. In the latter case, rely only on themselves.

1) Do not waste air. In a classic coffin air supply - one hour, maximum of two. Deeply inhale, exhale slowly. Sniffing, do not swallow, it causes hyperventilation. Do not light matches or a lighter, it takes the oxygen, but it is not forbidden to use a flashlight. Do not shout: screaming panic intensifies, quickens the heartbeat and breathing, and hence the air flow.
2) cover hands cranky; in the cheapest coffins MDF can even make a hole (wedding rings, belt buckles ...)
3) with his arms crossed, his hands grasping his shoulders and pull up his shirt to tie the knot on her head; hanging a bag on your head, it will protect you from choking if it enters the face of the earth.
4) Bring down the lid down. Cheap coffins time to break down under the weight of the ground immediately after being buried!
5) Once the cover is broken, the earth direct from the head to the feet, where places will be little attempt feet pressed the ground in different directions.
6) In what may become tried to sit up, the earth will fill the empty space and move in your favor, do not stop and continue to breathe calmly.
7) Get up!

Remember: the land in fresh grave always loose and "deal with it relatively easily," is much more difficult to get out in the rain: wet earth is denser and heavier. The same can be said of the clay.

The foot is stuck in algae

If possible, swim on his back, as in the case of a spasm. If your head is under water, try not to panic and keep oxygen. With hands descend algae from foot until freed. Do not try to move actively, as it may worsen your situation.

What if choked

If you are in a public place, it is better to stay there, because you're more likely that someone will come to help.
If no one is near, you'll have to do to receive Geymliha. This means that you need to make a sharp blow to the abdomen (between the navel and rib arcs) on a solid object such as a chair. The goal is to compress the air in the diaphragm and push the object out of the throat.

Falling from a hillside

Do not try to reach some kind of support, or can start a landslide. Push your chin to your chest and try to use his feet as brakes.



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