How to cope with negative emotions without any harm to others

Man - an amazing creature: he can adapt and get used to almost any conditions. And all because our psyche - not frozen once and for all design and flexible plastic education, which aims - to preserve our "I" in a state of equilibrium and harmony. To cope with shocks, stress and all sorts of trouble that day rained on our heads, we - it's worth noting, quite unconsciously - use certain mechanisms that are collected and described a kind grandfather Freud for us

Website <. / says about these mechanisms, as well as the dangers that they are currently hidden.

unconscious mechanisms that help us deal with stress:

Wipe: "I know nothing, I do not remember anything"

The projection: "blame Snusmumrik»
. Our psyche is all very well knows how to do, so there is such a thing as a scapegoat - a person or team who first attributed all sorts of vices, and then for them is punished. Scapegoats are found almost everywhere - at the class level, the company workforce and even the whole country. It is thanks to them we can feel warm and fuzzy

The replacement:. "... And I have something for that !!?»
Substitution - is a mental mechanism that allows you to redirect negative emotions with a dangerous object at a much less dangerous. The Japanese, who instead of dinner stuffed beat his top managers engaged in exactly this

Negation:. "It is impossible» li >

The rationalization: "Do not hurt something and it is necessary» <. /
Yes, well, once again not to be upset, you need all the good and logichnenko explain. The fact is that all sorts of rational construction have one hell of an important quality - they are objective, that is natural, that is needed. That is, we with all their complex and wonderful inner world do not have to do with them. Therefore, there is nothing to suffer if the university is bad, but its reputation is questionable, why be upset, if you have not done it

regression? " ! Aga-aga-years-hoo-ah .. » as sometimes want to return to childhood - at the perfect time, when we feel safe, when it was not necessary to think about the future, make decisions and scramble, and the entire range of duties exhaust the games, afternoon naps and five meals ...

In critical situations, our mind tends to the same, so we start to offer a variety of children's behaviors - return to the previous stage of development. Pretend to be a fool, suck on a finger, curl up, inflate, and not to talk - all this points to the fact that the man took a protective stance and is trying to escape from the outside world

<. Reactive education: "who it hurts, he is and says,»
Thus, Freud believed that excessive activity in the fight against homosexuality indicates the presence of a person corresponding meaning. Seeing this, the psyche supplanted them in the subconscious mind and launched a reactive process: now the man directs all his energy to fight what disturbs him most

Sublimation: "The soul hurts, and the hand writes ...»

How to deal with negative emotions and do not fall into the trap of unconscious protection
The mechanisms, of course, useful. But in addition to providing our with you they are mental stability fraught and one great danger: almost all methods of protection distort actual situation for the sake of our spiritual comfort
Vegetating the price is quite high - a sense of reality that we lose the more, the longer and work more efficiently, our unconscious defense. At some point, we can see that we are surrounded by enemies solid, and the people we love suffer from our misbehavior. protection effect is diametrically opposite - sorrow, pain, lack of implementation, loneliness

. What all of this there is an exit?

to think about the reasons for their actions «Follow them and be careful," conscious all the subconscious and brings to light all the hidden in the depths of our "I».

Second, to engage in manual labor and sports < /
30 minutes in the gym can save our families and from our formidable chief, and from our hurts and fears. Sports improve mood and sleep, increase self-esteem and help fight stress, thus making us healthy and beautiful.

A third, often do! < / music, poetry, paintings, shelves, stools, buns, scarves, cakes, in the end, life itself. After all, only creativity can cope with their fear and terror, so that not only do no harm, but actually help.

It does not distort, and enriches our world, helping to know, to love and to express themselves, that is, actually it makes life better. Creativity - a noble and rewarding activity, and if there are so many various "benefits", why would they, in fact, do not

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