With bangs or without 15 beauties who are just like us, we ask this question

Absolutely every girl at least once in his life faced a choice: to cut bangs or not? On the one hand, it is interesting to experiment, on the other hand - scary: a sudden will not go? But often, when we still dare to take this step, after the dream that bangs quickly growing back, and promise myself that never, for anything. And then, when the hair is growing back, we again want to update something in its appearance, we go to the hairdresser, and ... What, are familiar with this situation?

This insidious cycle is bypassed and famous beauties whose images before and after the bang we Website decided to compare.

Monica Bellucci
< br>

Angelina Jolie

Olivia Wilde

Katy Perry

< br> Selena Gomez

Tina Kandelaki

< br>

Taylor Swift

Shailene Woodley

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lawrence < br>

Rachel McAdams

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Aniston

< br> Scarlett Johansson

Rooney Mara

Photos on the preview: © Helga Esteb / landmarkmedia / Shutterstock

via www.shutterstock.com/ru/pic-147305438/stock-photo-london-uk-taylor-swift-at-the-brit-awards-held-at-the-o-arena-in-north-greenwich.html?src=OKRCjP4OffTIyRDF6BVllg-1-75


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