Internet has become a drug for you if ..

You see dreams in the language HTML.
You kiss his girlfriend home page.
You need 15 minutes to scroll through your "favorites" in the browser screen.
You will find yourself hard to think what would have to search the web.
You refuse to go on vacation to a place where there is no electricity and phone line.
Finally, you do go on vacation, buying a laptop with a cellular modem.
You go on a trip with your laptop in your hand and a child under his arm.

All your dreams are reduced to getting a connection faster - 28.8 ...
ISDN ... cable modem ... ADSL ...
You turn off your modem and feel terrible devastation, after the separation from his beloved.
You introduce yourself when meeting "your name - Dog - (xxx) .com».
Your heart starts pounding harder and intermittently, every time you see the new address of web-pages on TV or in the newspaper, even if you have never had heart disease.
You get around your room and discover that your parents went somewhere and you had no idea even where and how it happened.
All your friends have @ in their names.
You come to any page with lots of links, and find that they are all lit maroon color (the color of visited links).
Your dog has its own home page.
You've already visited all the links from Yandex and set to Google.
You can not call your mother - she does not have a modem.
You check your email and get the message "No new messages" - and you press the "check mail" again.
Your phone bill send you boxes.
Do you want to maintain the status of the operator on your favorite IRC channel, even after your death.
You do your homework in HTML and give your instructor URL.
You do not know the sex of your closest friends, because their online names neuter, and you never bothered to ask them.
You called your children Eudora, Mozilla and Dotcom.
You laugh at people with modems 56.0.
Are you looking for Internet-addresses on the walls in public restrooms.
You get up at three in the morning, you go to the bathroom and check your mail on the way back to bed.
You tell the cab driver you live at Moskva.ul.Lenina / dom2 / kv.5.html
You just think about how not to gain if this address in your browser and see whether that would happen.
You tell the kids that they can not sit down at the computer because daddy's a lot of work (while you're not working).
Your friends do not you write e-mails - they just come to your IRC channel.
Your wife says the new rule: a computer to bed not take.
You are so accustomed on the WWW search engines consider useless.
You do not know what a "busy" when calling your ISP ... because you have long leased line
Last girl you saw was in the format of jpeg.
You keep a notebook under the pillow, making love.
You ask a plumber how much it would cost to move the toilet under the chair that you're sitting behind a computer.
You do not remember what year
You start tilting your head sideways to smile
You ask the doctor to add a couple of gigabytes to your brain
You leave the modem speaker turned on full blast, because it reminds you of the noise of the ocean winds - the perfect soundtrack for surfing the Internet.
You wonder how is your provider calls 2GB of traffic per month unlimited access.
You turn on your computer and turn off your wife.
Your wife tells you that communication is very important in a marriage ... so that you are buying a second home computer and stretch mesh, so now you can talk to her through ICQ.
When your car gets into an accident on the mountain road, you are looking for a button back.
You start something and think to consider 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, a, b, c, d ...
You dream in a palette of 16 million colors.
You are reading a book and looking for a scroll bar on the right side to scroll the text within.
You answer the phone and start typing the IP address.
You take the elevator and make a double-click on the button your desired floor.
Are you looking for where it is necessary to click to open a window in the bedroom.
Are you looking for the icon of the "basket" where you have to throw the trash out of the house.
You ask to send you email when it will be necessary to go to dinner.
You want to get 52-speed DVD-ROM for the New Year.
All the jokes, you know, you get an email.
You call their children names wrong.
7 Do you remember passwords to different computer systems, but remember, when you have a birthday.
You type 70 words per minute, but can not make out your own handwriting.
You have more friends online than in real life.
Your e-mail is sent to you in the cell.
You look at the posters or ads and think - "I have all of these fonts».
You check your page several times a day.
Are you seriously thinking about how to make the home page for your computer.
You have more e-mail addresses than pairs of shoes.
You fall into a depression if you get less than 10 emails per day.
Someone asks you what language you know, and you're talking about - English, French, C, Pascal ...
You best work after 11 pm.
Do you favor the foam on his lips when someone talks about the information superhighway.
You have created a newsgroup.
You paid $ 6,000 for the computer and 500 per vehicle.
All your neighbors are turning to you for help when they have something goes wrong with the computers.
The dream for you is no longer associated with the night time.
You're web-pages on their web-page.
You can recall the address of your page faster than a phone number.
When you are with someone getting started, you will not sprashiveate, "what's your sign of the Zodiac", in return, you ask, "Hey, what is your URL»?
You have a hard disk crashes. You two hours without the Internet. You begin to twitch. You answer the phone, dial the number of your provider (or S) and try to connect with their whistling modem into the phone ... Success!


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