How to communicate with angry man

We are all human, and we all are inherent in human emotions. Unfortunately, quite often, these negative emotions: anger, rage, resentment ... And who wants to get under the hot hand boss, teacher, parent, or simply familiar (and sometimes unknown) person? How to survive in the fire of another stimulus?

The first way. "Sweet speech».

When dealing with an angry person from a distance begins to smile as widely as possible, as much as possible to do face sweet and enticing as possible to speak. This method is particularly well used sycophants, trained by their superiors. He growls - you agree. He shouts: "You idiots!", And you agree, "Uniform!". Home - nezabudkovy look and mellifluous voice. If the bull is not out of steam, it is likely to decide that such an idiot not worth wasting energy.

The second way. "Partizan interrogation».

It's nice to yell at the man who is justified or screaming in response. And if he keeps silent, as a partisan during the interrogation, and did not respond to the violent claim, the screaming is somehow not very interesting. So silent and did not even nod his head. Remember that silence gives consent (and who invented it?). In your case, it is a way cool zlyaschegosya and achieve what he gives out and be able to adequately assess the situation and talk to you. However, please be aware that some people can act your silence is not reassuring. And then you turn from a "partisan interrogation" in "partisan before his execution».

The third way. "Bribery in the performance».

Means do not banal bribe. At the first sign of "storm" need to quickly switch the "vicious tiger" on something nice. For example, offer a cup of tea with buns and calmly discuss things in a different environment (at your expense). Pull it out (if it is a colleague or friend) to the nearest cafe, to his home or the street in a public place to the kiosk with shawarma. The advantages are obvious. Firstly, when a person has a bun in his mouth, talking is not very convenient. Secondly, and can choke or drown. Third, there is a time to cool down. Yes, and fed the hungry people usually kinder.

Method fourth. "Kamikaze».

Holla mother, grimacing and show obscene gestures. Justice, you certainly do not hold your breath, but the soul will take. Criticise, do not listen, interrupt, and at the end, add something like: "In general, you got me, and all that you lopochesh - complete garbage!" ... Gentle ringing of bells - by surviving in combat.

As you understand, it was "harmful", places, tips, but in every joke there is some joke. Quarrel culturally and defend their opinion in a civilized!


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