Throw or not to start? The body does not recover never smokers

Canadian scientists from the Cancer Research Center in Vancouver dispelled the myth that a man who gave up smoking, your body can ever recover. Even those who gave up smoking decades ago, airway cells still continue to bear traces of a terrible habit. Their genetic material is irreparably damaged. In particular, smoking is causing irreparable harm to the genes responsible for the synthesis of important proteins.

The main conclusion from this study is that quitting smoking, a person is saved from heart disease. At the same time the chance to get other dangerous diseases does not disappear.

One of the authors of the study, Raj Chari, says about this: "Throwing, you lower your chances of contracting a deadly disease. But she does not become zero ยป.

Journal Nature says that some genes in former smokers still come back to normal, but the remaining 124 genes have never be the same as before.

However, the results of this study does not indicate that it is useless to quit smoking, according to a member of the research group Van Lam. Continued smoking only further damage the cells that make up lung tissue.

So quit smoking, of course, necessary, but it is better not to start.


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