The most common myths about food

Vegetarianism is healthy. Gradually, doctors all over the world struggle against vegetarianism is bearing fruit. Fashion at the strange diet waned. It is proved that 7 years of vegetarianism disables the immune system. The initial feeling better after the rejection of animal food due to the fact that the human body is tired of the abundance of animal fats. But then again, there comes an acute shortage of them. Vegetarianism is strictly contraindicated in children. The growth of the human body is impossible without animal protein

In winter you need to drink less fluid than in the summer. The rate of water per day for any time of the year remains unchanged - 1, 5 - 2 liters. Another myth associated with the use of water. It is believed that during sports training and immediately after you can not drink the water. This is not true. The results of these studies show that "dry" sessions at 10% less effective. Mineral water is even more useful because they restore the muscles and blood vessels.

"Rustic" products are useful "urban." Fat cottage cheese, milk from the cow, homemade butter - all symbols of a healthy diet for poisonous smog citizen. However, a dramatic change in the balance of nutrients creates an additional burden on the stomach, the intestines and the endocrine system. Therefore, the "village" products should be administered in the diet gradually. As for the village of milk, it contains much more kozeina, which is harmful to the elderly, since it increases the likelihood of developing joint disease. Also, this milk is harmful to people suffering from total or partial intolerance to milk protein.

You need to eat three times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - the most common form, in which we have more than one generation take food. But listen to your body: how many times it actually requires food? More than three? Probably ... If you are hungry, you should not wait dinner, if it has more to three or four hours, eat. And not to stuff yourself forcefully, if at lunchtime are not experiencing the desire to eat. Eat when you are really hungry, writes

The best way to lose weight - go on a diet. Not the best and far from safe. There is no diet that would give a 100% guarantee of weight loss. And usually lost weight during a diet again after it is typed, and even a few times more. The consequences of dieting can be very, very sad: different diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, liver, heart problems, plus the psychological problems.

You need to eat all that lies on a plate. Not at all. If you ate, you do not need to overeat, cleaning plate for the sake of existing stereotypes. The body does not understand your ethical considerations, or what is worse, principled about malnutrition expensive dishes.


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