The Story of a criminal case

Here we present a summary of the criminal case, which was in production at the Investigation Department of Petrovka, 38 years ago. To avoid trouble for those who survived, all the names changed.

From protocol inspection of the scene:

& quot; ... a corpse gr.Tatischeva EK lying on his back, arms spread out ... Death was 2:00 back as a result of penetrating bullet wound to the head. Shot made in the middle of the forehead with a pistol caliber 7, 62 mm ... In pockets Tatishcheva EK found 300 grams of an unknown substance with a pungent odor, foreign currency in the amount of $ 600, the documents - passport and driver's license in the name of EK Tatishcheva and Gromov AN (last - with signs of forgery) and a Makarov pistol MA N 1092316 5 rounds in the cage ... The other 6 corpses similarly situated a short distance from each other ... In
6 meters from the corpse Tatishcheva EK 7 found shell casings from a pistol "TT" and fuzzy male shoe imprint (mold removed). & quot;

Because the act of forensics:

"It is noteworthy that all seven of the victims killed in the same way - a shot exactly in the middle of the forehead. The calm expression on the faces of the victims indicates that the shots were fired very quickly, experienced man. »

From the report of the security officer, traveled to the accident:

"Killed Tatischev is the leader of the so-called" Krasnopresnenskaya "grouping. Currently, the All-Union is wanted for a series of robberies. Killed Pimenov, Rakhmanov, Dogil are wanted for the bombing of the premises of the cooperative "Baltika", when kotorom injured 5 people. Killed Kozyrev and Gamzatov announced during the All-Union investigation department of the Leningrad region for the attack on collectors and the seizure of money in the amount of 350 thousand rubles. Fingerprints killed Jaffar-zade N. match prints left at the murder scene the plant watchman "Emitron", which was stolen from the cash register 180 thousand.
rubles. All those killed were carrying firearms. In addition, there were Tatishcheva and 300 grams of cocaine ... Presumably, these citizens were killed by order of a rival criminal group ... »

From handwritten testimony Bolotov, RA citizen, born in 1962, citizen of the USSR:

"The evening of 15 March, I went for a walk. At the crossroads of the Minsk highway and the Moscow Ring Road, on the sidewalk, I found a big gun of an unknown to me. I am very afraid of weapons, so I did not check loaded gun or not, and decided to refer it to the police - at Petrovka 38. Where is the local police station, I do not know. Put the gun in my pocket, I was afraid and just carried it in his hand. When I went to Minsk highway a few meters, I was rushed to 7 people. I was very frightened as he decided that they were criminals, and they are now going to kill me. I involuntarily clenched his gun in his hand, and suddenly the
He fired several shots. I fell in love with someone, I do not know, because I immediately turned around and ran away. Then I take a taxi arrived at Petrovka. Previously, I never had to shoot, and I strongly shaking hands ... Gun attach the explanation. »

Because of the characteristics requested by the investigator to the RA citizen Bolotov in the workplace (not to attach to the case), "Bolotov, RA He is very active as a freelance police officers. Actively involved in sports, it is the title of Candidate Master
Sports in the shooting ... »

The investigator's decision to terminate the criminal case:

"The criminal case N 14765/87 stop for lack of action Bolotov RA of a crime ... »

How could this happen?


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