Operation "false corpse"

Police performance: first comer accused of murder, which was not

In Ramenskoye district near Moscow at breakneck speed it spins like unheard of, but it is painfully familiar to us, the journalists, the story. A few years ago, there have found the corpse of a criminal. Search killer policemen not too desirable, and they are not sophistry "appointed" the dead one missing local residents, and his murder was forced to admit that the missing friends. But here's the problem - a couple of years, this "missing person" was found dead really, he just died from the disease, and in another place. And the investigation is now continuous headache. Firstly, how to recognize "the corpse number one"? Secondly, how just a little to make amends to the man who drove the acceptance of his murder? Third, as the drive for Mozhaev fools in uniform, who fabricated the case, received promotions and titles, and even in every possible way interfered with the new investigation?

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"What I want, then I turn back" - the universal principle of our police. And no reform of the Ministry of Interior her uneasy. You can even order a hundred thousand times guards of the order: do not pursue a "tick" not halturte to raise detection - they will still stick to their line. And then, when the phenomenal, terrifying fraud will reveal, shamefully hanged their empty heads and will pretend that it is terribly embarrassing. Behind lies. For falsifying evidence. For someone's life is ruined.

Only all this bullshit. The hell it is not a shame.

Scene one: the corpse of a suitable and designated killer

Let's start in March 2007. Snow had not yet descended, but the sharpness of the summer residents of gardening association Gzhel near the station have noticed sticking out of a snowdrift by a large metal container with a plurality of branch pipes, nozzles and orifices. Needless to say, a good thing in the economy. Thrifty peasants decided to release the container from the snow and turned it on its side. Inside was a concrete, from under which peeped distinctly human body.

Summer residents scattered in all directions, but, recollecting himself, called the police.

On the call arrived first lieutenant Dmitry Burmistrov, at that time senior officer of the criminal investigation department Ramenskoye district and Lieutenant Aleksey Petin, operations officer of the same department. Having overcome squeamishness, detectives recovered a corpse into the light and examined ... decay and rodents did their job - to identify the accident was basically impossible. In what there was no doubt - the corpse crime: hands bound with wire, and the container with concrete it is clearly not the jump ... The examination found that death was caused by gunshot wounds.

Apparently, detectives began to "try on" the corpse of their "customers" - those who have gone missing in recent months. Why were they so sure that the victim - is the inhabitant of the area? Maybe there is a scientific theory? Or - more likely - to apply other detective techniques, our heroes just do not know how?

"Candidate" was found quickly. Alexander Demidenko, who worked at a local mill in 2006, has collected things and left the house. His ex-wife filed a petition in the search.

The police went to the sawmill. There they found a worker Sergei Kovalev. On the murderer, he honestly did not like - an old, slender, shy ... "To be a witness to you," - delivered their verdict brave Opera. Kovalev brought in Gzhel police department and made a business proposal: to give evidence at his colleague, 27-year-old Boris Ryumin. A man healthy, strong, with do not want to meet in a dark alley. Is not the killer? Again, there is a motif: it is actively courting ex-wife Demidenko. And here is amorous affairs, anything can happen.

Kovalev to participate in this performance declined. And then he realized that this is translated from the book "interrogation" - his hands in handcuffs, a pair of a severe blow, and then a gas mask on his head smoke from the "White Sea Canal" in the hose from the filter and close the valve to "witness" could not breathe . By the way, even many years Kovalev muddying these cigarettes.

The poor have lost consciousness, and when I came from a strong kick in the stomach, was ready to admit even the murder of Tsarevich Dmitry. As a result, I was born a wonderful scenario: the fall of 2006 Ryumin had quarreled with Alexander Demidenko, took his gun and shot by Sergei Kovalev offender. As a motive, without thinking twice, the guards wrote in the documents that Rumin was the lover of the wife Demidenko and her recent husband that night just happened to know about it, because of what and quarrel. And then Ryumin, Kovalev and another former general colleague Eugene Kisarov (the third is not just once - two men did not carry out a concrete tank), swept up the crime - packed into the container body, walled up and thrown far away.

In this beautiful story lacked a protagonist. Ryumin as luck would have gone home in Mordovia. But soon he returned and was immediately arrested. As Kovalev, Ryumin was given a chance to write a confession. When he refused, once again played a scene from a thriller about torture. Ryumin put on the head of a packet with some unknown gas, probably - tear. When that did not lead to the desired results, companions of a man tied up with duct tape, his hands and feet tied wire and began to torture him electric shocks. The efforts were not in vain - Ryumin signed all that was required of him.

Corpse found in the container with concrete, until now not identified.

Needless to say that the third character - Kisarov - signed all the necessary papers. In fairness, we add: the detectives kept their word, and the dock Ryumin sat in splendid isolation. His colleagues in this production got the role of witnesses.

Note that Love Demidenko, reported the missing of her husband, to identify the dead man was not able to. It is not surprising: stay in a concrete grave human changes beyond recognition.

Scene Two: dead rose to die

July 2008. In Ramenskoye opers good mood: Ryumin awaiting trial, the case solved, they are ready for new feats in the difficult task of combating crime.

And then the incredible happens.

Widowed Love Demidenko a call from the police department and asked to identify her husband. Come, they say, you've found the faithful.

Only now they are calling from Ramenskoye ATC and from Podolsk ...

As it turned out, in the Podolsk district found the body of a tramp who died from alcoholism. We found a dead man help to Alexander Demidenko - shortly before his death, he spoke to the doctor in the emergency room.

The woman went to an identification with a certain apprehension - because it is already a year has buried her husband. She hoped it was some kind of mistake. But there was no mistake - the woman presented for identification was her ex-husband. The corpse was not disfigured, the benefit was not tortured to death and rolled into the concrete.

Two living husband once brought to mind the legendary wife of the superintendent Bunsha comedy Gaidai. Two-deceased husband - is not easier. Fortunately, Love Demidenko has kept his mind and started to beat all the bells. Gather facts, not fantasy Opera - gradually, bit by bit. And that's what brewed porridge.

Demidenko filed for divorce in 2005, when it became clear that a bottle of Alexander pastime more fun than with his wife. Because of that his sin was expelled in 2006 from his job at the sawmill. He did not stop drinking, he moved to Podolsk district, no one saying a word out there trying to get somewhere, but in the end "cut" to death.

So with a single corpse, who died on its own, he was able to understand. But what to do with the second, which was buried in the concrete? And Ryumin should be released - "bold" version of cops flying in hell. And themselves guardians of the law are now just need to urgently put in jail - at least for abuse of power with violence ... And for falsifying evidence, too, it would be nice. It is a pity that we have no articles for discrediting the profession. After becoming acquainted with such Petina-Burmistrovo normal people at the sight of police and seizures can begin.

Examination revealed that the deceased out of the container (left) and Alexander Demidenko (right) - all kinds of people.

So, who was killed? In the hands of the "MK" we have got the results of examination, which may help to identify the accident. For her, by the way, the investigator had to disturb the grave. Genetic analysis confirmed that the corpse - not Demidenko (although this is understandable, it is hardly a person can split in two after his death). But genetics gave answers to a number of other important issues. Thus, the examination has helped to establish that the man belonged to Europoid type, age from 33 to 55 years, and that it was Brown. A detailed analysis of the skull suggested some of the nuances that will help in building a portrait of men. So, the experts paid attention to every detail. A slight curvature of the nose - the base of the nose grow together properly, and, most likely, there was also a scar. The jaw is a man full face looked slightly asymmetrical, and the portrait is also reflected. Each outline of the skull - the eyebrows, forehead, jaw and base of the nose, the corner of eye axes - all this helped to "choose" the appropriate oval face, a straight nose, wide chin jutting. Stroke by stroke - and now there is a portrait of a man, who was found in 2007 in a metal container.

- Restoring facial unidentified bodies has also proven that it is not Alexander Demidenko - said the "MK" Sergei Schemerisov, senior investigator of the 1st of the investigation department of the 1st Department for investigation of particularly important cases GUS TFR in the region. - Experts have compared the asymmetry of both individual men and came to this conclusion. In addition, experts have restored features of both ears of corpses. But so far no answer to the question, who was found in the concrete.

But to identify the dead man - half the battle. But to bring alive, but obviously lingered on freedom was almost worse than learn from the concrete corpse crime.

As experts have managed to reconstruct the skull shape of the deceased. If you know someone who is, call (495) 660-78-06, ext. 1140.

Scene Three: The best defense - attack

Over the years a lot of Petin Burmistrov and succeeded in the service. Gone are recertified and renamed in police. Burmistrov works deputy head of the district criminal investigation department, and in addition, directs the Department on Combating Organized Crime. And Petya transferred to Zhukovsky and became a senior State Inspector registration and examination department OGIBDD. Curiously, when the scandal broke with the corpse against opers criminal case, they were not even removed from their posts. Indeed, how can throw such "experts»?

- Recently we have sent the case to the court - said the "MK" Vadim Khatuntsev, head of the 2nd investigative department of the 1st Department for investigation of particularly important cases GUS TFR in the region. - At the stage of the investigation, we are faced with a number of factors, which opposed the investigation and tighten it.

"Factor" - is primarily Yuri Burmistrov, the father of one of the defendants and concurrently assistant to a member of the Federation Council Valery Aksakov (former chairman Mosobldumy, and in a very distant past - the chief of the same Ramenskoye ATC). Burmistrov Sr. initiated two parliamentary inquiry with the request to check whether legally prosecuted his son. And then I went a step further. He learned that Alexander Demidenko has previously been married in Belarus. Then Yuri went to Belarus, Alexander found the first wife and persuaded her to come to Russia for a few days. From ex-wife Demidenko needed one - to challenge the identification of the corpse, found in 2008 in Podolsk. At that time, the body has long been identified with Love, the second wife of Alexander, and was buried, but that did not stop the inhabitant of Belarus on the description of the body in the minutes to try to deny this identification. That is the body itself, she did not even see, but she was sure it was not him. What was founded by her self, spouse â„–1 I could not explain. No way, helped women's intuition.

How will the detective, is difficult to predict. While Opera fiercely protected. They insist on its version - the police department once told Ryumin and confessed to the murder Demidenko. Guardians of the order he did not touch a finger - he wrote a confession, explained his motive. Even on the question of why the handwriting recognition is not written Ryumin, police found the answer. It turns out that Boris was in such shock that the opera had to write everything down in his words. And then just gave him papers to sign.

The whole story is like a fairy tale, composed by a mad wizard. Adults, solid uncle, with positions and titles, and have come up with murder. Then he wrote the role for the offender, witnesses, accomplices ... and yourself, loved ones, do not forget - have earned the praise superiors and promotions. How many of these "pieces" is played all over Russia, it is impossible to even imagine. And no reform of the Interior Ministry will not change the situation. While the punishment for the police to fabricate a criminal case, will not be comparable with those terms, they "paint" their victims - this orgy continues.




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