Rest once in the same school children at recess. Who were engaged in it. A few boys were at the doctor's office and tried to remember if they had seen at least once a nurse from this study or not. As they are not strained memory, but could not remember such times. They did not even see the door to medical offices generally open.
The next change they began to ask classmates and children from other classes, those whom they know. Everyone asked: Did anyone from the school nurse or the way opens the door to a medical office. But none of this could not remember too. I start a lesson, a boy right in the classroom teacher asked if she had seen at least once a nurse. She tried to remember, but do not remember. However, she was sure that the nurse in their school work. She did not just hear about it from the director. The teacher promised that clarify this issue, but for now it is necessary to do the lessons.
This teacher is very responsible attitude to their work. She knew that the school can not be without health worker. Suddenly someone from the children of a broken nose or eat the soap out of the closet. Or suddenly somebody podskachet temperature or the child will be thrown out of the window. What to do then? Therefore, the next change in the teacher approached the director and asked why not see whether the nurses and all medical room. The director was surprised at first naive teacher, waved his arms like a bird and said, "Well, what are you, darling! Sure, running, all in our school work! »
And then she thought, and went towards the mysterious medical room, the door of which had already gathered about fifty first graders, third graders, and of other classes too. Director, opens the door, which was unlocked. All at once saw the corpse hanging from the middle of the cabinet in a white coat. Drafty windows opened, they hit the wall, the pieces fell. Wind ruffled robe. The body itself became a little wobble and turn from side to side.
The corpse had decayed much. Her lips disappeared, was seen a number of even white teeth, it seemed that the corpse smiles. Eyes fell, instead of them were black holes. The skin on the hands withered and wrinkled, and everything the body greatly shrunken. Even the most stupid first-grader was clear that the nurse aunt died long ago.
The director broke down and fainted. Responsible teacher also fell to the floor. She fainted, she just did not want this situation to show responsibility. Kids do not run away, they huddled in the doorway, gaping mouths. They wanted to better remember this picture, then to all the details to tell ...
It turned out that the nurse committed suicide about six months ago, or rather could not be established. Relatives and friends she was not so worried no one after her disappearance. Nurse sat all day in his office and had suffered from loneliness. With teachers, it did not communicate on the teachers' meeting did not invite her. Even her salary transferred to the card, did not have to go anywhere for the money. It is not surprising that even after the death of her dead body hung half a year at the school.
But the most surprising was the fact that during these six months in school no child pricked cactus, swallowed a coin, not crashed head, broke his leg in gym class. If some guardian angel flying through the school and save the children. When it was new to the school nurse, the children immediately started all sorts of illnesses, injuries and poisoning.


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