One young woman had just got a job in a large office building. One day she went to work as a long black hearse pulled up to her, and slowly began to go around. She became nervous and began to edge her eyes to glance in that direction.
The driver leaned out the window and called her a deep, loud voice: "You throw up?" She turned to look at him, and was shocked. Driver's face was incredibly hideous and disfigured. His skin was pallid, and one of his eyes was significantly higher than the other. The man pointed to the rear of the car in which there was a coffin. "The place to another" - he said.
Frightened by his strange appearance and bad proposals, she refused. Greatly alarmed, the woman ran down the street until it ran to the office building where she worked. Before the end of the day, she could not help thinking about this strange man in a hearse, and was glad when the day-time, finally ended.
Women work on the ninth floor, and when the elevator came, it was almost completely full. She hesitated for a moment before entering the elevator. "Are you sure you do not want to come in?" - I asked the familiar, booming voice. "There's room for one more".
The woman gasped. It was a hearse driver, who looked at her his lopsided, a terrible sight. Now, thoroughly frightened, the woman drew back, stammering and said: "I-I think I'll go upstairs!" Hearse driver stared at her when the elevator doors closed.
The woman took a few steps up the stairs when I heard terrible cries and resounding blow. She hurried down the stairs and found the elevator cable broke, and everyone who was there died a horrible death.


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