What would have happened if I had opened the door?

There was this strange to me the case in the mid 90s. I then studied in ordinary secondary school, in the classroom about the sixth seventh. The school where I studied, was next to my house and was even visible from the windows of my apartment. Accordingly, my path from the entrance to the school takes about five minutes. By the way, it never stopped me regularly late for the first lesson. I studied while the first shift, the last lesson was over, I remember at 12:40.

That day is no different from others of the same day in the life of an ordinary Russian student from generation 90s. The lessons were over, and I and my classmate and, concurrently, the other went home. I should add that we have not gone for hours worked over the years route home from school, and decided to get to the stalls, standing at the bus stop there and buy gum. Those who grew up in the nineties, are aware of the indiscriminate collecting gum inserts from teenagers of the 90s generation. Along the way we talked about the sluggish passing game on Dendy, but shared their impressions of recently viewed on video films. Having bought gum and discussing who have got liners, we headed home. With my friend, we lived in the same yard, but in different houses, standing opposite each other. And the yard we had a big one. So on we were not on the road, and we parted at some crossroads. All these details need to explain, but rather to illustrate the inexplicable further developments.

So long prehistory is over, now, in fact, the story itself. After going through the yard, I confidently and casually walked into a staircase, and the first thing that I noticed why the landing of the first floor is lit so dim bulb? After all, when I was leaving in the morning, the light was bright and that I remember. Probably while I was at school, the bulb burns out, replace it and, I thought, and called the elevator. Once in the elevator, I pressed the button of your floor and immediately felt that the course of the other elevator. Lift up faster than usual. Such subtleties can be seen only when you use a very long time, one elevator and you get used to it so much that almost second to know how long it will go up to your floor. At this point, I had the first doubt that I was somewhere not there. But I immediately rejected them, and went out on his floor, and once I had a strange feeling as if you are all familiar with, but some more. About the same feeling arises when you come home after a long absence.

Just in case I looked around, like the staircase was the same as always. Still, something about it was not so. Realizing this, I was less confident toward the door of his apartment. Near the door, I took the key and listen for some reason. And at that moment I heard the door ... the radio. A specific time signals of radio "Mayak».
Just had to be an hour of the day in my estimation. It may seem that there is nothing unusual, but in my house no one ever listened to the radio "Mayak". Moreover, I did no one ever listened to the radio, if only I myself sometimes, and that is by no means lighthouse. And indeed, at the hour of the day at my house no one should be.

I hesitantly and slowly put his key into the lock, and the key easily and softly entered the castle. I was about to turn the key, I heard the door rather pleasant to the ear, or children, or female laughter. I froze, laughter stopped at the door, but instead there was a calm and laid-back man's voice. I was surprised to realize that some people talking and laughing outside the door of my apartment, and different voices, I counted at least three. What I have not listened to the voice, the words, I could not make out. But I do understand that in my apartment there is someone, and this someone is sitting, judging by the sounds, in the kitchen, probably drank tea, chatted while listening to the radio «Mayak».

But who is it? The parents? So they never came at this time. The thieves? But did the thieves got into the house, brought from somewhere radio, turned on the radio "Mayak" and sat down to drink tea in the kitchen, while conversing cute?

Then I had the first explanation of what is happening: I guess I was just thinking and accidentally went to another or access, or in any other house. That in principle it is not surprising for a typical built-up neighborhood new buildings, even before that with me nothing like this has happened. And the reason for it is that we have replaced the exhaust other algorithm to automaticity the way home. And the fact that the key came up, so this is nothing said. The dashing 90's, we managed to open the locks almost wire. I slapped himself on the head with an understanding of what I'm um ... eccentric, because he almost walked into someone else's apartment, which at that time were also the owners. Old noisy lock as quietly as possible, I took the key from the door lock larvae and quietly walked to the elevator, again called the elevator, which immediately opens at "my" floor.

However, the sense of utter bewilderment, I returned after the left of the entrance to the street. Because the porch was just mine, but in front of me was a familiar street. In a state of prostration some of the misunderstanding of what is happening, I wandered off somewhere down the street. And probably on the machine I came to the school. I went to school, roll it on the ground floor for about 15 minutes on the first floor of the school was empty, except for cleaners, tracking the changing rooms, as were the lessons of the second shift. Do not think of what to do, I decided to wash in a school toilet, and once again to reach the house.

When he reached the door, I'm cautiously again went inside and the first thing I saw inside is a bright burning light bulb. Then I went to a regular elevator and rode to his usual level. There is no feeling that something is wrong no more. Before you open the door, I listened for a long time and did not hear anything suspicious, carefully walked home. At the same time, without closing the door to be able to in the event of any danger to retire immediately.

Carefully peered into the kitchen, no one was there and no radio was not there either. Furthermore, I also methodically and carefully examined all the rooms, and even a toilet, bathroom, balcony and storage. I looked under beds, sofas and cabinets. There was nothing unusual or strange. I closed the door on all the locks, and only then looked at his watch. The time was 15-30, but according to my calculations was to be no later than the second half. I turned on the TV and waited for the parents. They came as usual in the evening, as if by chance, I asked them if they did not come home for lunch. They said clearly and categorically that never came.

Then where I was when I first came home from school? Careless, lost in thought, went to a nearby staircase? And why I came home two hours later than he should have? Was in prostration and did not notice the passage of time?

But most of all I was concerned about what would have happened if I had opened the door?

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