Innovative vacuum lift, made a revolution on the market of lifts

During the installation of the Elevator in the building, many problems arise, the main — necessary space, without thinking about the high cost of equipment and maintenance. But in Argentina invented an innovative lift that can make a revolution on the market of lifts. The vacuum Elevator is made of aluminum and polycarbonate on its installation will require just a couple of hours.

In contrast to the current elevators new lift Autonomous, incredibly lightweight, floor space approximately one square meter, and it does not need mine. It can be installed in two and three storey buildings.
Pneumatic vacuum Elevator looks amazing -transparent cockpit, no cables. Just a technique from a Hollywood movie, operating on the basis of some cutting-edge technologies.

Already have installed close to 300 of the elevators, which operate on the basis of ordinary laws of physics. Through the emerging difference in air pressure above and below the cabin rises and falls. The lift can withstand weight up to 200 kg.

Meanwhile, German made Elevator on the pedals from the old bike.

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