Tin day. Faulty elevator

The main thing is that all were alive and not injured

From eyewitness: Friends, I had thought that such stories only happen in the minds of the journalists of the yellow press. Today, however, I have witnessed such horror in his house. My neighbor came into the elevator with a sidecar, which was a newborn baby. And then he went! I AM NOT KIDDING! Child serendipitously fell out of the stroller when it dragged up, and his mother caught. Carriage and almost squashed to cut in half, then the elevator stopped. Elevator checked regularly, recently renovated to move the mechanism. The child did not understand, his mother and we are all in shock. I wish the people who are responsible for the elevator that they were burning in hell. And friends, be careful - he still can go YOURSELF. Warn your neighbors, please.
P.S. Elevator called top.


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