German engineers create a Maglev Elevator that moves in all directions

Over the last 160 years since the establishment of the Elevator, his basic concept does not change. All this time, the Elevator was designed to move people up and down, however, the German company ThyssenKrupp announces that it is time for a change.

How to tell the representatives of the company, moving the Elevator up and down a mine is ineffective because many people have to wait long before coming down the Elevator to take them to the desired floor. To solve this problem, experts have introduced the concept of absolute new Elevator system, where each Elevator can move not only up and down but also sideways. In one mine can move multiple lifts without interfering with each other.

Another innovation in this field should be the mechanism of movement of the elevators. According to the resource Gizmag, the car will be driven with a magnetic cushion, similar to that used in high speed Maglev trains. The use of magnetic levitation will allow to completely abandon the ropes and enable multiple elevators to move in the same mine in different directions.

According to the creators, the use of multiple elevators in a single shaft to reduce the maximum waiting time of Elevator cabin up to 30 seconds.

At the moment the technology is still in the development stage and the commencement of testing scheduled for 2016. However, we can already say that if a Maglev Elevator is successfully tested, it will be the first major technology change liftostroeniya since the invention of the Elevator.

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