Elevator Baylong (4 photos)

Elevator Baylong - the highest svobodnodvigayuschiysya elevator in the world. Located in China in Hunan and raises the tourists to a height of 360 meters - the observation deck of one of the peaks picturesque rocky mountains.

The two-storey elevator car seats 50 people. The complex includes three such lift capacity of 3750 kg each. The walls of the elevator, of course, transparent.

Work on the construction of the lift began in 1999 and ended in 2002. The cost of construction was approximately $ 18 million.

The project of the lift in the reserved place, UNESCO-protected met fierce opposition of environmentalists. Tubing should be mounted in quartz sandstones in thousands of locations.

The system is equipped with sensors, earthquakes, and in case of danger three elevators have a short time to evacuate on top of all the tourists.

This structure is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest elevator with an open view from the cockpit, the highest two-storey sightseeing elevator, the fastest passenger elevator and most powerful elevator.

Source: dimka-jd.livejournal.com


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