Abandoned flats.

One autumn day my friends and I heard a story that the house opposite our school already as 10 years old are not building, they say, "Because of some evil workers are dying." Well, I'm with my friends just laughed and thought it was nonsense. Alex offered to go there in the evening on Friday that it would check for the "evil".
For the trip to the abandoned house just needed a flashlight. We took some more crackers, marmalades and soda. I am 12 years old, I certainly believe in evil, but never with it does not come across. Friends - the same age too, believe in, but do not think that it actually exists. For hours 8 pm, everyone was waiting for only me. When I arrived, the street than their friends, no one saw. The entrance was swamped, so I had to climb out the window, and since I'm a girl in the "body", I was not very comfortable and. First went the eldest of us, Sonya. It swept away the cobwebs with a stick and broke boards that were scattered and interfered pass. We all sat on the 1st floor in some small room. Well there found the sofa we sat down and began to nibble biscuits, chewing marmalade and drinking Coke. The meal was short-lived: On the 2nd floor of something collapsed, so much so that the house shook. Adding provisions in the bag, we decided to visit that can beam, can any old case, because the things in the house survived. The stairs were quite shaky, so we walked slowly and with each other. Suddenly I heard a crunch and almost fell down on a stone. My hand just grabbed Alex. When he picked me up, my legs were shaking, I was all white with fear.
On the second floor is dark, even though the windows were. All the lights turned on again and sent forward. It seems nothing special. Suddenly something creaked. We decided to come closer. At the end of the room was a little girl in school uniform.
 - Fuck! You forgot what the hell is? - Alex shouted to her. In response to the silence. The guy shouted to her again, but again she did not answer.
 - What's wrong with her? - He ran to her, grabbed her shoulder. I turned over. Wild him cry, I think, could be heard even on the street. We ran up to him and froze in horror: The girl's face was charred, black holes instead of eyes, from which flowed the blood. All breast school uniforms in the blood. She shook her head and cried. So much so that the ears laid. We rushed down, ran out of the house and fortunately we caught the eye of the old man, we have come to him and yell about this girl. He somehow we calmed down and told us the whole truth: "Ten years ago, the house burned down. Not only saved one girl. Her parents have forgotten her until rescued themselves. »
Now we are trying to circumvent the home side, and understand because of what all the workers died. And now the Leschi trauma, but said the psychologist will settle.


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