Amazing place where long been untouched by human hands. It will be exciting!

Human intervention has transformed our planet beyond recognition. But these changes are irreversible? It is possible that the Earth after a while will be able to fully recover from our stay with you, and there will be nothing to indicate that there once lived people.

These abandoned sites were abandoned by people for various reasons. As it is clearly seen as the nature recaptures back everything seem so invincible. Plants are growing, seemingly in the most unsuitable for this environment, and easily destroy concrete, brick, iron. In these areas abandoned by people, there is something terrible and wonderful at the same time. Make sure it myself!

1. Abandoned railway bridge in Taiwan

Photo: Ubersuper

2. Moss-covered bed in an abandoned hotel

Photo: Matthias-Haker

3. Abandoned swimming pool at the University of the United States

Photo: Imgur

4. Abandoned Church, Detroit

Photo: Reddit

5. Abandoned Theme Park "The Wizard of Oz", NC

Photo: Superopinionated

6. This is an abandoned ghost ship on the Ohio River 110 years

Photo: Viralforest

7. This lamp is in the sunken Egyptian city of Heraklion

Photo: 9duck

8. Abandoned temple in Cambodia

Photo: Pixshark

9. Belgian Castle Miranda

Photo: Proj3ctm4yh3m

10. Mexican railroad bridge in Copper Canyon

Photo: Photorator

11. Abandoned cars

Photo: Repokar

12. Great Wall of China, more precisely, its abandoned site

Photo: Imgur

13. Little House on the mountain lake in Germany

Photo: Walltowatch

14. American ghost town in West Virginia Thurmond

Photo: Abandoned

15. Initiation Well in Portugal

Photo: Thetouchofsound

16. Erice Sicilian Castle

Photo: Pichost

From these incredible places abandoned breath. They are characterized by an extraordinary charm and unearthly beauty. Share these impressive images with your friends!

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