Of course, you can laugh, but I'm already used: slips on

watermelon rinds and fall in front of the entire tram stop holding

in the hands of the chandelier, bought at the birthday party of his wife, with a swinging beat of

transparent door, and then six months to pay its cost,

stand up on the street for a woman, which offends one

figligan, not knowing that the gate are four more ... Well, in a word,

I was unlucky. And then there was all this confusion that even have to

funny. In short, I was stuck in the bin.

For once decided was done on a day off. Woke up in the morning, no one was home.

Beauty! I go out into the kitchen, looking - the bin is full. Three days

they taldychu: Remove debris, carry garbage. Even if someone scratched.

Spat, he ruled. Went to the bathroom to rinse, rinsed, set.

Then I think, since I came here at the same time he rinse. Well,

Tell me, would a normal person after a garbage can wash? But

this is normal ...

In short, washed, he began to climb out of the tub and hryas - foot in a bucket. Well,

I laughed at first, then tried to shake - not shaken. And
uncomfortable - the second-leg in the bath is.

Laughed again, but this time with

chill, and then for some reason climbed into the bath. Probably like a bucket wash.

He stood, he thought, and then the leg with a bucket left in the bath, and the second leg

I got out of the bucket and began to strip off the edge of the tub. But I'm slippery when

soul is. Therefore, the free leg left on the string, and I'm over the economy

on the edge of the tub KAP-to-eksel moksel! I hear through the pain unbearable

 - Something rolled on the floor. Well, I think you otduharilsya, man now

will be in the trade union chorus falsetto singing. Catching his breath, I look - thank

God, it turns out, some banks from the shelf and fell rumblings. A

I have everything in place. And the bucket including.

Foot firmly driven into the bottom of the bucket fingers up and resting on the shaped

bend. I tried to remove the heel - where there is etched. With toe

tried - nail finger bites, terpezhu not. Why had turned

shower and took a bucket of water. I thought it from the water and will slide with potyazheleet

feet, but everything turned out the opposite - the leg from the water swelled and stuck another


I decided to go dry foot hairdryer: type of course and a bucket
come off. And then a new problem - how to pour a bucket of water.

Anyone who thinks that this is just, he does not understand a damn thing in my life.

I had to lie down in the bath, put his feet up and pour water on yourself. Sami

You understand, pleasant enough: a bucket, though clean, but still

slop. Wet, with a bucket on his leg went into the hall to look for a hair dryer. Ida,

gremlyu this garbage trash the whole house, rzhu and mother at the same time.

Found a hair dryer, I turned on the heat of, began to blow them into a bucket. Half an hour was blowing.

Foot's hot, but it does not shrink, you bastard. Quit hair, I grabbed the first

comer cream wife (as it turned out, the most expensive) and smeared

his leg. I thought slips. The result was the slide all: hands, things,

door handles. All except the bucket.

I went back to the bathroom. Ida - hryas boom, boom hryas - and smell like

idiot: expensive perfume from the top, bottom - the trash. Put his foot off

bucket in the bath and again collected in a bucket of water. I think they say, let the leg

general swell and burst bucket to hell. With half an hour

I stood: leg pain, and to sense zero. Again I went to the gym. Water is already

pour did not. I think all of the cream sit in the bath and start to slide

I do not get up. A hard, by the way, with a bucket of water on the apartment


I turn on the computer, typed in "Yandex": how to remove a foot bucket. Learned

everything about a bucket of ancient Greek times, but the answer to the main question

I never found. Indeed, some say the Internet - is a solid cesspool.

Garbage is complete, and the answer to the burning questions does not give! Wept

frustration and idiocy. Joking aside, the whole foot is already blue. So before

gangrene long. I called the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Manager laughed at first, but

then he hears a man crying, say, half an hour and a leg amputated

It has shrunk by sending a brigade. The boys quickly came through

ten minutes. The doorbell rang, I rushed to open, and then

I look: I'm naked, after showering and not dressed ...

Have you ever put on shorts through the bucket? No? And I put on. Now

we can say that in my life I experienced everything. And I know for sure: through a shorts

the bucket can not be put on, even if it's not cowards, and Teschin breeches.

Three panties ripped until it is realized. Then he spat, towel

I tie and let the lifeguards.

They turned out to be well done. Laugh not have, in two minutes a bucket

needle files sawed and removed. I have in front of them on their knees almost fell.

Thank you, crying for what pulled me out of a hopeless situation. Yes

unless it is hopeless, says senior theirs. An hour before you a man

bashkoj stuck in the freezer, I wanted to see why the light is not

lights. Here is the situation. And you have such garbage.

Oh, and I was delighted. There are idiots in the world it is. That there should

guess: bashkoj and in the freezer! how he called out to the Ministry of Emergency Situations .. ???


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