18 laws of luck


Someone to achieve a goal, you have to work hard, and someone always help circumstances. Is it just coincidence?

Our environment does not consist of people-the lucky, but lucky still occur. To overcome envy those who easily goes through life and not stumble on the obstacles quite difficult. Previously, these effects were due to supernatural causes: luck is witchcraft, failure curses.

Positive psychology has proved, that problem can at least be triggered by disruptions in parent programs as means to attract happy event is also possible. We collected 18 principles of behaviour that will help to make the life of a good moments.

1. As we accept the gifts of fate

Lucky unconditionally believes that he is lucky and never goes past coincidence. Having met on the street a celebrity, the loser will not ask for a joint selfie, thinking that refuse. In the same way everywhere, where the required activity to receive the prize (housing with cheap rent, trendy things on sale, a dream job)

2. What are our Myslivna, can we see a happy occasion when you find yourself in the right place at the right time. By thinking about the issues you are unlikely to notice the surprise that can change a life. Anxiety interfere with openness and observation.

3. Do we know how rasslablyatsya, which totally unlucky, as totally trying to keep everything under control. And regularly receives confirmation that this is impossible, already spending a lot of energy. Lucky knows that to give up on the tangled situation is often the best way to solve it. Life is fluid and things can turn around for the better, while you drink coffee with your friends.

4. Do we notice their vkladyvat is subjective. It seems that lucky is not doing anything, but they are also concerned about shelter and food, responsible and tired. However, they are more likely to praise themselves for the most minimal effort, than scolded for deficiencies. The result is the result, but in any case you should tell yourself that you are clever, and life will sparkle with new colors.

5. Whether working with our strong stoneybridge than trying to hack the door, look around, there are no nearby open window. Someone takes the mind, someone with charm, and someone participates in a different competition. Lucky people prefer the easy way, and they calmly abandon the dispute for the victory, if you understand that chances are not high. All prizes not earn, and achieve easily what you feel on a horse.

6. Do we know how to feel momentico have to wait if it is really worth the wait. Instead of having to rush to the front in the exhausting battle, analyze the situation and select a suitable case. Do not share bad news boss immediately after he returned from the conclusion of a difficult transaction. One bad moment in your life will be less.

7. In what framework we live"In this market do not pay a lot","This man is too good to I liked him", "I Have a little experience to undertake such a task" — says the losers. And find that someone earns much more, meets the "Nerovny" and gets experience in dealing with difficult issues. The lucky ones are not from the limitations and desires. Will or not — will just practice.

8. As brings us insidious samootsenka understanding the misfits static -"I'm shy", "I was raised by hardworking". Lucky knows that the old woman is proruha, but overall he is the winner of the best qualities. For this, you can allow yourself to be greedy, lazy or "give a fool". It is easy to forgive yourself for minor flaws because it does not ascribe to them forever.

9. Subject to whether we scaleworms amount of positive emotions, are going through the loser just because he does not know how to rejoice. Happiness is not very clear, so it's easier to brush off and continue to waiting for fantastic luck. Luck must be respected even in small things, so lucky we will hear how he was lucky with the weather, but from the one who did not notice — will hear nothing.Fatal to trust in Providence and do nothing rather peculiar to those who have no luck, than a real spoilt children

10. Whether we believe in a real chance

Do I have to try to explain everything rationally? After all, coincidences happen, too, even if we have never tried to visualize. On the other hand, science and technology can put us into a dead end — break even the most progressive of the invention. Lucky not looking for reason and analysis, they just love it when it gives this reason.

11. Do we hear their impulsion-work-friends-relaxation — classical scheme. Even the pleasures are familiar. Loser clinging to a comfort zone because it is afraid of losing what we have. Lucky trust the inner voice and rather grasp new when the old had become obsolete. You change housing, you will find love and suddenly get rich in the cultivation of cabbage. Just because I wanted to.

12. Whether we are working with neudachlivyi cons pros — really useless they are not there. Moreover, plunging into the negative, we only feel it is sharper. The pros always exist separately and to find them, the cons far you need to push. Lucky focus on those areas where things are going, to seek with all my heart. Are taken out and power to solve everything.

13. If we do not shift the responsibility on Sudilovskaya feature luckies — independence, but those who can not cope, can bump into the fantasy that all is in the hands of Providence. The effect may be different — to give up completely, to cease to perceive reality or to be stuck waiting for luck. For the lucky man's luck is not what it puts, but only the background on which it acts.

14. Is there around us signs nevezenie who believes in his luck resignedly put up with one bad thing to your address on unfavorable terms, insults. At the same time, lucky do not accept it in its happy aura or just wonder — why? — and pass by.

15. Do we live in harmony with saboutage psychology suggests that the subconscious world and the human are inextricably linked. If we go against ourselves not doing what we want and are constantly fighting with the inner world, this war will be expressed in the external circumstances. If your soul will ask for peace and relaxation, you will start desperately to carry on working interviews, even if experience and qualifications is enough.

16. As we look at inniskilling case — a loose concept. For an honest lucky wonderful coincidence of circumstances can become the bus approached after a long wait. A loser will say that no luck and had to freeze before you get home. The realism is that it is a common thing and can happen to anyone. To become successful just be aware that the same glass of water half full, not empty.

17. Are we ready raskovalova, who are not lucky, may scare the very possibility of taking risks and changing lives. But for the lucky it is only actions with non-guaranteed results. In fact, there are no guarantees for anybody, but the first deprives himself even of potential good luck, and the second gets the chance (which, by themselves in the optimistic approach to happiness is enough)

18. Aren't we afraid of "happy" statusstring, but a fact. Not many will leave even the most treacherous fate simply because to be a lucky, scary, strange and kind of naive. The conviction that serious adults should be problem quietly down to the fact that they will be themselves. Lucky people they seem superficial and immature, like little children. This is the direct way to and the luck to count a fairy tale and empty fiction.


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©


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