The experiment showed that the nurses at the hospital were willing to kill the patients when they were asked about it just

The amazing results of sociological issledovaniya

The infamous Milgram experiment shows that people who are in a situation that they do not fully understand, ready to bring another man to death with the help of electric shock if they are ordered to do so. But what if people knew what they were doing? In this case, they might do something worse.

At night, 1966, in the hospital Hёflinga phone rang. The duty nurse picked up the phone and heard the doctor wearily asked her to introduce 20 mg "astrotena" patient Mr. Jones. The nurse checked the drug: its official list of medicines approved for use in the hospital, was not, as on the box with the drug have been written, that the maximum permissible dose - 10 mg.

The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Smith, knew that nurses can not do anything over the phone orders, and assured that the necessary documents to fill a little later, in hindsight. Surprisingly, 21, a nurse from the 22-patient drug is introduced.

The drug proved to be harmless sugar solution and telephoned the doctor - a sociologist who conducted the study. The aim was to find out whether the hospital staff violate the instructions, and if so, how much.

The results were not very encouraging: the nurses had every reason to believe that the introduction of the drug may cause the patient to be as serious harm, as well as its absence. And proof that qualified medical professionals will introduce the patient to an unknown drug, knowing about the risk to * zirovki, just because some stranger on the phone asked them to do it, it was shocking.

It makes you wonder. Of course, we like to think that we are smarter, more intelligent and independent people living in 1966, but if a similar study was conducted today, the results likely would have been the same.



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