The UAE is held annually beauty contest among the camels

To assess the camel beauty attracted special eksperty

Arabs are very much value their camels, and often referred to them as "God's gift." They love camels so much that every year are going to select the most beautiful animals.

Aldhafra Festival is held annually in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The highlight of the program always gets the camel beauty contest - take part in it more than 30 thousand camels from across the Gulf region.

As you can appreciate the beauty of a camel? According to Ali Al-Mansouri, a breeder of camels and a member of the organizing committee of the festival Aldhafra, the judges point out, first of all, on the camels with large heads, wide neck, ears, solid, broad cheeks and a big mustache. It is equally important that the body was a long camel hump and back - large; camel color and posture are important, too.

The competition has two nominations: one chosen the most beautiful light camel breed Azael, and the other - dark camel breed Majah. Unlike humans, the large size of the camel - plus.

To select the most beautiful camels there is a special committee, which selects the winners - those deemed the animals included in the top ten. Their owners receive luxury prizes - cars and cash in the amount of 18 000 to 30 000 dirhams ($ 4900 - 8200).

But it's not just the money: a victory in the competition becomes a source of pride for the family, which owns a camel-winner. Recently, participate in the competition and camels from countries outside the Persian Gulf, particularly from South Africa.

UAE is home to more than 380-thousand camels. These are strong creatures can withstand the harsh climate of the desert. They - the source of milk and meat, and transportation for Bedouins, and potentially lucrative investment.



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