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The district commissioner ATS Kochenevsky Gregory Necheuhin area over the past few months revealed three serious crimes committed in the territory assigned to them the administrative area (six villages and more than 20 horticultural societies). The work helped him knowledge of human psychology and creativity.

In July 2010, the head of the municipality Duplensky told his precinct, that the village was gone local. The house he lived with his mother. After his mother died, he put tenants (male and female), and he soon disappeared. Junior lieutenant began to converse with the locals. All the villagers said they had not seen the owner of the house for several months. Only tenant explained that he had seen missing a month ago. This information alarmed the district, he asked the local residents - follow the behavior of "unfavorable" neighbor.

The precinct was known that the 44-year-old tenant was previously convicted, and another that he occasionally beat his mistress. Once again, he offended a woman, she ran to a neighbor. Anyone remembering agreement with the district, casually asked if she knew about the fate of the owner? The upset woman said her roommate killed owner of the house, and brought the corpse in the woods. This conversation has learned the district. Gregory Necheuhin spoke with a woman from the heart, and then she even showed the place of burial of a corpse. Dismembered body of a missing man, hidden in bags, was found by employees of ATS in the swamp near the village. Later on, the suspect told the district that committed the crime in March 2010. Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Novosibirsk region he was charged under part 1 of article 105 of the Criminal Code (murder), he is currently in detention.

On the last day of August last year in one of the 24 garden societies that caters Gregory Necheuhin, unknown assailants beat 32-year-old summer resident. The fact that in the summer cottage is "covered in blood" the husband, the woman said in an ambulance and the police by phone. Arriving on the scene, the doctors and the district have not found the owner garden or traces of blood, nor of the applicant. Later it turned out that she was so frightened that calling in the police department, went to his parents in another district. During the conversation with the district frightened woman found out that on the day of the incident, she and her husband collect sea buckthorn on the abandoned garden plots near the company "Forest Glade". Soon there were two unidentified men and she began to beat her husband for no reason. Then he brought him into the house and left, saying to the woman: "You breathe, until he breathes." The district suggested that a man could beat some of the neighbors to testify. And so it was, fell under suspicion and the son of the mistress of one of the neighbors houses and his friend - the residents of Novosibirsk. That day, he and a friend were at the cottage. Police Officers went to Novosibirsk. Two friends of 38 and 40 years, the witness identified the fight. One of the men confessed to the crime, said that on the day they were drunk. Later -vernulis to the country, where they found already dead. To hide the traces of the crime, they washed the blood stains and buried the corpse of the victim. Thanks to the efficiency and professionalism of the district, the crime was solved in a few days.

February 23, 2011 a local resident, came home from work after a night shift, found in his house sleeping husband and the corpse of his friend, with whom he drank alcohol the day before. The woman immediately reported the incident to the police department. During the day Lieutenant Necheuhin set of witnesses and solve the crime. Suspected of committing a serious crime has become the third member of the feast, and said that the district, as the tragic events have evolved, "First drink, then fight, then they danced, and then I 'pereklinilo" and I began to beat ... ". From his injuries 28-year-old man died. Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Novosibirsk region suspect charged under Section 4 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code (intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, negligently caused the death of the victim). Currently, he is arrested.


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