One Your Day with precinct police

The author writes: I spent 15 hours in a typical day of the Ufa district police officer Marcel Khamitov.
Everything you did not know, and something that does not ever want to know.

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7.00 Morning with your family.

Marseille Khamitov, charming guy 28 years old, met me at the door and shake hands firmly. He takes his family apartment in the basement of an old two-storey building. Near the door surveillance camera. This is a dummy, to little to calm an aggressive neighbor.

Marcel's wife, Aigul gives me instant coffee with milk on a tiny small kitchen, which is both a hallway and corridor. A three year old son Maxim has a strong interest in the camera. He is reviewing captured images and asks me to do more. The five-year daughter Adeline neighbors in the room dressed in a kindergarten.
Marcel wanted to take a mortgage, but with 2 children and his salary he did not approve.

We collect the children and are taking them to kindergarten in the old VAZ five. Marcel says that he loves tinkering with the machine, all repairs with their own hands. He learns in absentia in school MVD fifth year, where he went immediately after the army. Father Marcel was also a district.

Although the police have a special quota in municipal kindergartens, the place given only on the condition that the child will bring their own bed.

Maxim says goodbye to us until the evening

7.40 Kirovsky ATS

6. We came to the district police. Munitions. We get the service weapon, to paint.

Personal Makarov, the old reliable machine shop and two cartridges.

On Wednesdays District Police Station in a large meeting. We are the first and so far no one, I show Marcel superhit Yutuba
Duft Punk song to sing in chorus the Interior Ministry.

On RAM talk about the operation "Weapon" and pay attention to the fans of HK Spartak, which now match against HC Salavat Yulaev. Police offer any special rates from MegaFon, which allows direct calls to telephone numbers Ministry of Internal Affairs of the "Coral". It is very convenient, but the tariff somehow insanely expensive sms 8 (!) Rubles.
Probably not to the police chatted))

Reward employees.


Taking the secret documents

RAM district of the Kirov region. Distribute the documents and put the problem in the picture The woman took a loan for 30,000 and have never paid, according to the documents allegedly lives on our site. About 80% of all cases and applications, mainly small, decide precinct.

14. Even light. Marseille, by the way, a senior district police, senior lieutenant. The ceiling in the rank of the post -Major.

From the old "five" Marcel transplanted into a new "Opel Astra" colleagues, the local Arthur.

I'm sitting in the back seat and photograph

We go to the Investigative Committee at the October Revolution of documents

And there are already out of the cave century)

11.10 Morning strongholds.

In the Kirov district of Ufa, 11 sections, each assigned several precinct. Our worker reporter is on 8 \ 1

I also secrete place.


Special Communication)

There comes a man, who filed the wife upon drunkenness -napilsya, scandals hit his son.
Man fills explanatory. He was sober and quiet. Very important is prevention. If the time to conduct "educational" measures, this does not result in a crime.
On the left wall of photographs of wanted criminals. It seems that this terrorist Volgograd.

In Precinct 17-inch CRT monitors and rare computers Pentium -3. Arthur inserts the cartridge into the laser printer Hewlett-Packard, who just "refill" powder in the neighboring office. The cost of filling they scatter for three, with each output of 150 p. Power, gas-too out of pocket. And yes, this post I do not agree with the leadership of the Ministry of Interior


I came bad Russian speaking people. Wrong address. We called his supervisor)

Rowdy gave 19-year-old son, with whom a fight. He asked his father, said he forgave him.

Came grandfather said that his brother had stolen his documents. Where does a brother do not know. It became clear to call relatives, it turned out that my grandfather had an old, sometimes comes up, that that was not. As it turned out, the elderly is one of the main contingents precinct.

13.00 Lunch
I'm pretty hungry. We go to dinner in a small cafe, located on the other side of the building.

Borsch, hedgehogs with vegetable stew, juice, bread and salad. 186 rubles. Delicious.

13.30 Detours on site.
Take a pack of applications and go through them. Each signal -peredat need to react to the court to file a report or take obyasnitelnuyu.
Stop Shop worker correspondents, an anonymous caller complained that sell alcohol.
We talk with the vendors, all things are pure, sellers remember a woman that morning, after a quarrel with them, he threatened that "they will have problems»

We go to the grandmother on a call. Her more than 80 years, known to all the precinct. Several times a week for the past ten years she constantly complains about the neighbors about the noise they produce.

She lives alone in a two-bedroom apartment. Everywhere such an old woman clean and quiet.

-Sosed Constantly knocking behind the wall. At the bottom, something drilled dreyu. Sideways children play. A helicopter pilot living upstairs, he dragged home from the helicopter engine and run it periodically.
The old woman, says that there is no debt. It takes a hammer.

And with all his effort into the wall as soon as the neighbors start banging. Wall truth, still holds strong.

We began to ask the woman about her life, children, husband.
She said she worked as a nurse in "glaucoma" office, and her husband, the head of the plant in Chernikovka. There is a son, but comes infrequently. It gradually calms down, we promise to talk to the neighbors, and to come back.

Go to the intelligent-looking man whose apartment of very nearly turned hangout, there appeared often alcoholics and drug addicts. Marseille check it periodically. The man was sober, although the smell in komante has not disappeared.

And here is a real hangout on Kuvykina 4/1
The studio apartment on the 9th floor of this, a man lying on the floor without legs. Beside him a trifle, he begs from passers-by.
By the way, he served for the murder, and he's only ..48 years)

The landlady, an elderly woman, looking like an old woman in her '61. In detail it is buying the so-called "Fanfuriki" alcohol tincture of hawthorn, which is then diluted with water. The apartment is most terrible stench.

We draw up a report and leave.

Sometimes you need to see what they do under surveillance, ie sentenced to a suspended sentence, or under supervision.
A man who served for theft, we have not found, but saw his neighbor, who had a fight with her parents and also "a pencil" He was sober.

We walk down the street, chatting. Marcel said that the district is often attacked, especially when one walks.
My wife many times sewed shape. One fought five hooligans, and then could not even sue, not "found" the witnesses, although there is half a house.

Residents complain about the house the homeless in nochuyuschegosya elektoroschitovoy.

Met. Midhat not like the usual homeless. Some had a sense of dignity, perhaps.
Marseille invited him to spend the night in a detention center for the homeless in the Kolguev 29/1. It is necessary to pay 100 rubles a day, there are going to work and spending the night,. However, you can not drink.

16.42 strongholds.

While the boys are working with documents, I sleep on the couch, the evening still far.

Minigarif grandfather put a new door, and the old, aluminum, stole, came a statement.
He said he suspects a neighbor who passed it to the nonferrous metal
Phoned a neighboring district, we were asked to check the item confirmed.

We leave the place seems to reveal the crime hot on the trail. Going by car intern, Rafik. He Audi A4.
I'm kidding, older post, the worse the car. Probably, the police chief goes on the old Zaporozhets.)

(If serezno- district and intern Single, no children, took a car loan)

On the receiving end of metal in the old garage, we find the stolen door.
Draw up reports and the act of withdrawal.
We have a possible suspect, a neighbor. Clerk remembers him.

Come home to the grandfather. To inspect the scene.
-There Was an old door. Well, that was not stolen a sheet that I have prepared myself for the monument, when I die, my grandfather says.

Concept, a neighbor.

Go to the alleged suspect. He's not home. We reserve the phone to call as a return.

Monitor arms problem-too precinct.
Checks for compliance with the rules and store weapons in a safe. Compared the numbers on the gun

travmatik. Everything is fine.

Colonel in the reserve tank forces congratulated the district on the occasion of

From the porch ran out frightened children, crying, there's a drunk. We go and catch George and return to her parents. It seems to him now he will fly from my mother.

The woman lost her passport, fear not to take credit, wrote a statement.

20.08 ATS

We pass on duty today -Protocol case, the acts and statements.

Reporting to the head of the district. The story of our day.

Cheers, gave another 7 cases !!)

We drink coffee and liver. Yet dinner.

20.50 rounding up illegal immigrants.

Five or six district gathered together decide to check a house under construction on 23 Caucasian, according to operative data there employ illegals


On the ground floor threatening inscriptions. This alone is off limits.

Climbing up to the third floor ... we see Stalin! I think he lives here.

-tovarish Stalin, you are a great scientist, and the documents you have?

Operational filming)

In this room, probably in a few months it will be for children, but for now it is a dressing Dzhamshuta.

But future family bedroom. ) Hello, Wave handle future tenants!

If the documents are in order, then there is no problem.

Precinct said that if not to make periodic checks of illegals, then they first start impudent (as Biryulyovo), and then to arrange clashes with local residents. Last year, the Uzbeks killed a woman.

21.37 Again ATS.

On the porch is a funny guy, they say that a drug addict in a T-shirt, do not freeze. They say that the constant "client»

We hand over weapons.
Marcel says that he never used weapons, and the glory of God!
-This Is an extreme case, it is better to avoid this, because the district is constantly in public places.


Go to the head of ATS

Looking forward, our photo memory

We accept Khusainov ATS Kirov Chief Arthur Ashatovich.
But it is generally not typical for a simple district, it has to know the "reporter" if everything was "normal»
Normally, Comrade Colonel)

Leaving the police station. The work day ends.
Now tell me your opinion on how to communicate with each other cops. They are constantly making fun of the good, joking and laughing with each other. Perhaps this is because the citizens they need to be serious in the performance. Perhaps you need to go from the constant stress. I do not know how the sergeant had seen the authorities, but is the ratio of junior officers in the combat of the good when you have to trust his comrades, who you can always cover up.
Yeah, maybe, something I did not show, but there are things that can not be played.

22.20. HOUSE
It seems incredible, but it's a normal day precinct. Marcel left early in the morning and returned only at ten o'clock.
And only one output. I suddenly realized that "normal people" plenty of spare time.
The picture shows the second room, a small bedroom. Iron and ironing board -First things that bought Marseille to iron a shirt for work.

Marcel's wife Aigul. He met her at the wedding of her brother in 2008, where he was a witness. As seen, immediately I said to myself, "This is my woman," married in 6 months. Then a daughter Adele then the son Maxim.

Marcel loves children. He said he definitely wants another once improve their living conditions.
I said, he did not need anything special. Not superkottedzh not Pajero. Small apartment, which I'll take out a mortgage, once burst into tears with credits and inexpensive SUV to carry children in the village in the summer.


Drinking tea with cookies.

I went home and thought what's the catch?
Well, there are no such people. It's right for a Truman Show. Well, in the newspapers and the TV set on another. But I compare the details and facts, what he saw with his own eyes, and begin to understand. Or so we are invincible, and the country that for all corrupt officials, dirty politicians, somewhere in the depths of people's, does not dry clean stream?



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