The official unveiling of the new law "On Police"

February 8, 2011 was the official unveiling of the new law "On Police", which will come into force on 1 March 2011. Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, referring to the common form, suggested suggested to contact the representatives of law enforcement, "Mr. policeman».
Our today's news - attempt to analyze what surprises are waiting for us from the "Lord of police" in connection with the adoption of this law. Be careful - it affects everyone.

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2. The meaning of the renaming.
The point of renaming the police to police Dmitry Medvedev explained as follows (the quote):
"From the time of the October Revolution, to March 10, 1917 law enforcement agencies have been renamed" People's Police ", emphasizing their folk, the worker-peasant character. In fact it was the combatants in pogonah.Nam also need professionals who work efficiently, fairly and consistently. So it's time to return to its former name of the police - the police. "

3. Let's get acquainted.
On March 1, 2011 will come into effect the following innovations: the police officer will have to introduce when dealing with any citizen - namely, give the name, position and titles, as well as (if required) to present his credentials. Innovators believe that such mutual inspection of documents in some way equates interlocutors. It is planned as an introduction for police special name badge, which will contain the name. In the meantime, before the adoption of innovations by the Russian government, the form of the police remains the same, the police.

4. The inviolability of property.
The homes of citizens is inviolable. The police can enter into it only under four conditions.
• in order to save the lives of citizens and / whether their property, as well as to ensure the safety of citizens in the riots, and emergency situations;
• to detain persons suspected of committing a crime;
• to prevent crime;
• to establish the circumstances under which the accident occurred.
My house - my fortress.
In addition, within 24 hours after such penetration, Mr forced to file a police report about it to his superiors and prosecutors.

5. The right to a phone call.
Nabivshaya nauseam phrase from Hollywood blockbusters "You have the right to a lawyer and a phone call," will become a reality in our country - another parallel with American justice.
During the arrest, police are now obliged to make an explanation of the reasons for their actions, as well as the arrested person to clarify the rights and obligations:
• The right to legal advice;
• The right to an interpreter;
• The right to refuse to testify;
• The right to a telephone conversation with your loved ones for 3 hours, if not previously escape or not the detainee is suspected of a criminal offense.

6. Without violence.
• Police officers prohibited to resort to the actions of violence or any other means to humiliate human dignity;
• «A police officer is obliged to stop activities aimed at the deliberate infliction of pain, physical or mental suffering citizen»;
• a police officer is obliged to apologize to the citizen in the event of them a policeman, citizen rights and freedoms;
• A police officer will not have the right to use non-lethal weapons, including batons against peaceful demonstrators, even if they are unauthorized;
• The police will have the right to stop people, focusing on their gender, nationality, religion, membership in social organizations.
• prohibits a person applying blows with a rubber truncheon on the head, neck and clavicular region, abdomen, genitals, in the projection area of ​​the heart, as well as multiple attacks in the same place;
• Do not use handcuffs and improvised binding which obviously involve personal injury;
• Never use water cannons at ambient temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

7. chastised!
The law states that (quote) "public opinion is one of the main criteria for an official evaluation of the police." The police are obliged to report to the government, municipal authorities and citizens. However, the reporting forms and the procedure for its implementation is left to the very same police.

8. All the secret revealed.
Under the new law, police officers receive advanced right to examine the personal data of citizens in the course of their work. Previously, such information could be obtained by a prosecutor or by the court.

Question 9. Financial.
The salary of a police lieutenant in 2012 is assumed to be less than 45 000 rubles.

10. The forms of treatment.
News agency BaltInfo made a small survey on this subject. Respondents were asked a single question: "How will you contact the police?" The responses are as follows:
• 51% said that they speak with a representative of the rule of law and not what "should be from him flee»
• 22% - "just to" You »
• 10% of Russians have agreed to refer to the guards of the order, "Mr. policeman»
• 8% - "Comrade militiaman»
• 5% - "Citizen of the head»
• 5% - "Officer».
As you know, to pass a law - is half the battle. Much more difficult to enforce it. What will turn innovation into practice - time will tell.



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