Day with the district

In this article I'll show and tell you how the typical day in the life of the Ufa district police - Marcel Khamitov. He is 28 years old. The boy lives with his wife and two young children in a rented apartment in the basement of an old two-storey building.

7.00 - There is no longer asleep, the whole family to prepare for the next day. In the small kitchen to cook a delicious breakfast.

After breakfast, the father drove the children to kindergarten, and then goes to work.

7.40 - Kirovsky ATS

Sometimes in the morning are great meeting.

Approximately 80% of all cases and applications, mainly small, decide precinct.

Marcel need to go to the investigative committee.

11.10 - Morning in strongholds.
Documentation and spets.svyaz:

And here is the first "visitor". His wife wrote a statement on the fact of drunkenness. Now sober and sitting in a quiet area and wrote explanatory.

Technology is not the most modern, but you can work ...

Came a man who speaks poorly in Russian, it was just the wrong address.

But the grandfather said that his brother stole the documents and its location is now unknown. But when contacted relatives turned out that grandpa just came up with this story. And it happens ...

13.00 - Lunch
Kushan employees in the nearest cafe:

13.30 - now costs on site:

And this grandmother complains about the neighbors, who for several years prevented their shouting and constant noise.

Then Marcel goes to the apartment where he lives dysfunctional family. On the floor, a man with no legs, next to him a coin, he begs from passers-by.

After the protocol takes district. A resident of the house next door complaining about the homeless in nochuyuschego elektoroschitovoy.

Marcel sends homeless in detention, where such people are given work and spending the night.
16.42 - again a reference point.
This grandfather changed the front door and stole the old, and that has come to apply.

Just need to go to the place, and, oh, miracle! On the receiving end in the old metal garage door found stolen.

Then the scene. The suspect - a neighbor is not home.
Then - in another apartment kept a lot of weapons. Verify all numbers and check the documents - also the matter of the district.

And here's a drunk, who decided to rattle in the stairwell, but fortunately Marcel passed.

And this woman's passport was stolen.

20.08 - ATS. Letting duty today -Protocol Affairs, acts and declarations.

Then another report to the head and getting new cases in the amount of seven pieces.

20.50 - rounding up illegal immigrants

21.37 - again ATS. Delivery of weapons.

Then the meeting with the head of the Kirov ATS Khusainov Arthur Ashatovich.

The work day ends!
22.20 - Finally Home!

Evening tea with cookies and preparing to sleep, because tomorrow is waiting for at least a heavy denёk!



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