As I regained my lost phone

I suggest you read the following type of my history, perhaps it will be useful to someone!

So November 16, 2013, I was in the company of a Belarusian and Armenian club uzhralsya pretty vintage (Ukrainian team celebrated the victory over the French) ... What eventually it ended and how he got home, I remember vaguely! Waking up very upset not to find next to your phone htc evo 3d! It is natural to call it is not possible - not a subscriber! Well, I think everything! sailed!
Once again I vowed never to drink, I called the cops. Those, in turn, told him to drive to produce something there! Climb on an Internet with the problem realized that the chances of finding it are almost nil! I decided not to go to the cops - not to waste their and your time! Cops eventually arrived themselves at home)))) With my words something written, the fact that I did not steal confirmed for nichrome do not remember, but did not rule out ... whatever writings turned about anything! At the end of the cops said, that can be found and left ...

Time went by ... the cops ... silent longing for the phone gradually disappeared! Somewhere, a month later, by accident, by mistake by going to Google play, I saw part of my devices and found that my phone was switched after I lost it! Then I saw the "Remote Control Android device!" I've never used it ... I got it by clicking on the map of the world with the ability to find your phone via satellite, or to ring ... I have already caught his breath a little bit, but ... nothing worked ... 3-4 days regularly tried to determine the location of the phone, but to no avail ... I thought that my phone is already well, or reflash the Tipo and return it completely have no hope!

In the new year I bought myself htc one ... And just two days ago, not accidentally going to the Google play saw in the "device" that my past htc evo is simkarty megaphone and telephone use February 3 ... Thinking mind "Ax ... Do tulkus? "again pressed the remote control and positioning of my htc ... satellite to within a few meters Kameshkovo and pointed to the street! I called on a disturbed 02, and explained in detail the whole situation ... I know where my phone, I know that it is 100% a megaphone! I was told to come to the October ATS at 8 am! There was a chance to return my phone!

Begins the most fun ... the adventure of moronic, Russia, bureaucratic system! Arriving at the appointed time in musarnyu waited incomprehensible queue and waiting for some opera, with my words, he was drafted explanatory, where they were given details of my "investigation" about the megaphone Kameshkovo and Google ... further explained that all the papers in my case are does not have, as I lost bodies in their territory - was sent to the police on Lunacharskogo 1! Arriving there, and again having stayed for an hour, I got kind of ... took the paper and showed I was told that my case has been sent to the October ATS! "You should go to the October ATS" told me they are ... and I do not know how it is for them to answer softer ... send me back to where I was an hour ago was sent to them! Zvezdets! I took the copy of the document from the police drove the evil back to the police station! There's even a way not very strong and surprised! They warned me that if things they did not mean it would be hundred percent to the police! "How the fuck do you work ?!" I thought and went home ... I was told to come "tomorrow 9:30" when the secretary on the spot!

Arrived at 9:30 and after listening to my story Boys oh boys again about the phone - told "sit down, wait ..." I sit, waiting ... the one who in the duty of the window (where there is a window) told me to sit down - where the left ... I sit waiting for something! an hour from the window looked out another Super Fuzz and asked why I'm sitting here and waiting for !? I answered that for an hour waiting for xs which, they say, your bald fellow told to sit and wait ... he opened his eyes at me and said that I really (???) need a secretary who will be 12: 00 ... then I am absolutely priherel! Why the hell you told me to come at 9:30 ??? !!! nothing to do while away the time, walked up to 12 hours! Angry, but decided to go to the end! hurt to know and see how and where to walk your phone ... I calmed down and decided that if and are fucking brains out - go to the prosecutor's office to write the complaint, I do not mind ... it shall paint ...

He came at 12:00 - Secretary-no! The face in the window has changed and I had to explain to him again who I am and what has come! It turns Secretary may also did not come because she had hard work to collect mail in the city and when it will be - xs! After moronic moment of silence, I asked, "What do I do in the end? how to contact her? "...." You tinkled to the duty of us, and if it is in place, we say to you! "I was in shock went outside and reflecting on the way to the car what to do next was hailed by a police officer that I said "jingle" ... it turned out I was lucky and the secretary came! No matter what is not hoping I secretary explained who I was and why I'm taking her naidragotsenneyshee time ... it is something to look for somewhere to the extras, and returning with nothing said duty that I in the case denied ... my question is why denied the cops said " I do not know "and put their heads in their business (notebooks and pens) ... after another moronic moment of silence, I asked the same question," What do I do in the end? "only louder and more aggressive ..." You need either this or that opera but now they are not, and when will we know the jingle ... »...

"Well, all of a bitch" - I thought, and went home at 14:00 ... it was decided to go to the prosecutor's office ... to whom - poher ... everywhere will complain ...

Before you go to the prosecutor's office decided at random to dial the police department and ask "this" opera - on the ground or not ... said that in place ... I think, let me finally'll pick - for the sake of fun! I found opera and we went to his office! Again, you need to explain my story, not a short ... PPC ...

In general I am he demonstrated printed screenshots (attached), and he said to me, 'Well done, you found out that this is a megaphone, today does not promise, but tomorrow I think you have your phone get ... let's imei »... I already oherel by these words ... it was yesterday ... < br />
Today, there was a nice call with the phrase come over the phone! only without cover and battery! chmoshnik that he found it (stole) and said that it was))))) and the cops can not be helped in this case)))

Generally speaking, all thanks to google and its services !!!



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