50 most unexpected answers to the question "How are you?". Lishi your friends speechless!

"How are you?" - The most frequently asked question in the network. Several times a day we hear exactly how someone is interested, how are we doing. Everyone is bored with answers such as "normal" and "good." Therefore editorial team .cc offers you 50 of the most original answer to this common question. Amaze your friends and acquaintances!

1. Oh, what are we doing? We have it going and doing the prosecutor.

2. Yes, as long as I live and like not going to die.

3. The pension is good, increased.

4. The salary is good. A small but good.

5. All the beam.

6. As in the movie "Brother 2».

7. Excellent! And what you want.

8. Do you?

9. All is well, and will be even better!

10. Best of all. Well, no one envies.

11. Well, do not wait.

12. OK - not believe the bad - will not help.

13. Kiss me first!

14. Yesterday, I broke two ribs ...

15. As in a fairy tale.

16. As always, that is good.

17. C terms of commonplace erudition, ignoring criteria utopian subjectivity conceptually interpreting conventional defaniziruyuschie polarizers, so consensus dialectical material classification general motivations in paradigmatic relations predicates solves the problem of improvement of forming geotransplantatsionnyh kvazipuzlistatov kinetically correlating all aspects, as well as normal.

18. choirs.

19. Regularly!

20. What, in fact, the case?

21. As you can see, is still alive.

22. Do not died and is not married.

23. What, in fact, the case?

24. But does that make?

25. There are no cases.

26. What are you doing? I'm not in the business today!

27. Oh, I am a poor, miserable so tired every day I have to come up with an answer to the question "How are you?».

28. The old lady Agatha Christie once said a remarkable phrase: "You do not have to say anything if there is nothing to say».

29. There are two ways to put people into a dead end: to ask him, "How are you?" And asked to tell something.

30. Hard to say.

31. ambivalence.

32. sluggish.

33. Things are going, the office says.

34. And you take your time?

35. You want to talk about it?

36. As a parrot, which pulls the cat's paw on the floor, and he joyfully shouts "Let's go!».

37. As a zebra.

38. As in the taxi. The farther, the more expensive.

39. Like a Bun - left and right alike.

40. As the sausage in the dough, fun and cheerful.

41. Better than yesterday but less than tomorrow ...

42. What to do with such things!

43. do ??? No they are not the business I ...

44. You all at once or in installments?

45. So much has been done, much has been done! And how many more will not do!

46. ​​In Angola, children are starving, and everything is in order.

47. All chocolate, even the keyboard!

48. Are you much originality in his questions.

49. Yes, normally. Yesterday, the Nobel Prize was awarded for his contribution to ECOstructure units in cetaceans ciliates shoes and slippers, and for the discovery of nano-technology to help the penguins to overcome the ice age in African forests and deserts Hawaiian Massachusetts District Washington.

50. With regard. When compared with Lenin - good.

Now you can be sure that the next issue of the status of your cases will not catch you by surprise. You can do original and unexpected answer the common question, and amuse his companion.

Take a mental note of these answers and tell them to your friends!

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