The results of a survey of 1,000 women about relaxation, dreams and sex

In October 2015 I started to conduct the survey, which lasted almost 4 months. Through the social network and in person.

The purpose of the survey is to identify the psycho-physical and emotional state of modern women who are active users of social networks.

The number of people who participated in the survey, of 1000 women.

Period of holding — October 2015 — January 2016.

I have to say: the results of the survey do not claim to truth in the last instance. All input data described above.


Let's start to check the results.

90% of the answers received on weekdays from 0.36 to 3.47 nights, further from 7.06 up to 12 hours (highest activity).


1. can't take the recovery and relaxation of the body;

2. before bed — Fb, just woke up from Fb. This pattern of behavior does not allow for any unusual idea to visit the head. Consciousness becomes clogged with debris and does not restart.

Age of those who wanted to take the test: 25-35 years —65%, 35-40 years — 20%.

70% of women already have their own businesses or plan to open it.

71% of the respondents in most cases prefers to do all or well or don't do it at all — hence the stress and frustration.

The next question is: "What areas of life you would have mentioned below 5 points on a 10-point scale?"

1. The first place, what is lacking to most women by a margin of 1 (!) the voice before the second place — spare time — 40%.

2.Sex and 39.9%, respectively.

If there are still men who think that their missus is cranky, and shakes his nerves, because she did not have enough money — please reconsider your opinion! She just needs good sex, you don't satisfy. Talk to her about it and solve your problem.

3. Self — realization is 37.2 per cent.

Many people on our planet do not know what brings true pleasure, that the soul may be realized in the external world. You can say, "I know. I just don't have time for this". Human life is run by just two emotions: the desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain. If you know exactly what brings you pleasure, and wish this, nothing, believe me nothing in this world can stop you. If you do not have time for self-realization, you just don't want to really. Almost 40%! Think about it — this is a big number!

4. Money is 34.9%. Only in 4th place. That reminds us of the good old saying "money can't buy happiness." And this is true. After all, by themselves pieces of paper with numbers has never made anyone happy until you find what fun to spend it.

5. Career — 30,2%. Almost 1/3 of respondents are not satisfied with your career. Here I have a question: what's stopping you to advance your career? Think about it: to build a career is one of the easiest areas of our life.

It is much harder to build a harmonious family, raise a child or put from scratch your own business. Offer these people to develop a step by step plan to build their careers at 3, 6 and 12 months.

With love, family and friends, most everything is fine. Is the last three on a scale of dissatisfaction.


The next question was: "How do you relax?" It was possible to mark several answers.

61% — sleep;

49% sports, pool, fitness;

40% — I love to walk in the Park;

20% noted "other" and write "alcohol", "food", "TV" and "Internet";

14% believe that they are not strained;

at 24% scored bath and meditation;

and only 19% of yoga.


Let's talk about relaxation. What do you mean "relax your body"?

To answer this question, to begin with, and that means "busy body"? A tense body is tense muscles. A tense muscle is a shortened muscle, muscle tone.

Any sport is straining the muscle even more, i.e. we deliberately driven the muscles. It turns out that the body, and so was in good shape, we bring in more tone. Of course, after we finish our aerobic exercise, we think that we are relaxed, because of the hypertonicity of the body is again immersed just in tone. Relaxed the body is relaxed muscles, spine, ligaments.

To relax fit: bath, preferably with brooms, relaxing (not sports!!) massage. Sleep, unfortunately, is not a way of relaxation. In the dream, continue to go all mental processes, we continue to talk, already with themselves, because of this, the body cannot relax completely.

Answer honestly to yourself the question: "How often I Wake up in the morning by herself, completely relaxed, feeling renewed and full of energy?" If you have trouble remembering such moments, or those moments, too rare in your life, consider whether it is time to reconsider the approach to operation your body and brain. How many more years in this mode you will survive?


The results of the responses to this question is very common with the following: "What skills would you like to learn?"

And here with the big separation from the others in the lead paragraph: "to Find the source of inexhaustible power and vitality" — 53%.

This source is within us. Only to reach it when the body is constantly tense and not relaxed — it is impossible. What if spring constantly just jamming?

In third place with 30% skill — disable head. You're absolutely right: you cannot disable head when you don't know where your own switch when you are not able to control your body and your mind, considering these processes are beyond the control of you.

As I have indicated in the beginning, 90% of the responses to this survey were received in the interval from 0.36 to 3.47 hours of the night — at a time when the body needs to go the most active stage of recovery and charging energy for a new day. People nedenstaende with your body, sits this time on the Internet! But if there is no understanding of his body and head, then to disable it you have no control over.

The output is: start with your graphics (try to go to sleep before 12 midnight and sleep 7-9 hours), give up tea and coffee for a month. Ideally, record the discoveries that will happen every day. Then continue our conversation.


In the second place answers the question "What skill would you like to learn?" is "to Manage time"to do everything. Said 40% of respondents. While noting that they spend their weekends on: cleaning — 40%, entertainment (clubs and bars) — 54%, meeting with friends — 61%.

Hey guys, we have a problem with self-realization stood at the 3rd place with the difference is only a couple of votes from sex and free time. I have a question: so where did you spend your time!!! You say you want to do one, but in fact doing something quite different. Who is to blame? Think. And change, finally, our schedules and prioritize on a scale of "What I want and what I do actually".


39% — on your day off sleeping. Of course, if on weekdays to go to bed not before two. Stop doing that!

33% — I want to learn how to be weak with a strong man, and 32% — to relax. The appeal to 33%: once you learn to relax the issue of weakness in front of a man will disappear with himself. Responsible approach to this issue — and will be surprised at the results.

79% — I wish to change something in your life.

At 87% — there are unfulfilled dreams. I'm sure that dreams exist in order to implement them. We live in a time when we have access to any tools. So why our dreams remain to gather dust in dark closets? What it is: laziness, or fear to be happy? Think about it! Why you never pursued your dream? Maybe it's time to do?!

73% — admit that they need moral support from the outside world. I think actually the percentage is more. After all, that is why often dreams don't come true in 87% of the respondents.


According to the results of the test I can say:

1. We are very able to strain, but it is bad to relax.

2. Truly us valuable not what society imposes on us, and what our soul wants.

3. We are looking for an eternal source of energy, wasting already given us the power not on what we truly desire and love and what pleases us.

I can make many more conclusions but I think you will make them yourself. Think about it... and then feel that you really want and what you are doing. Maybe then you will find the answer to the main question — why your dreams never came true, and what can be done to implement them?! published

Author: Anastasia Took


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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